GH Star Michelle Stafford Puts Internet Haters In Their Place!

Michelle Stafford, who plays Nina Cassadine on General Hospital, dealt with an online storm while in the midst of an actual one!

General Hospital fan fave Michelle Stafford took to Facebook to respond to Internet trolls.

Not That It’s Any of Your Business

Stafford was in Florida yesterday, when she became the object of cowardly Internet critics calling her names, including accusing her of being a bad mom, because she hadn’t evacuated.

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In responding to the attacks on Facebook, Stafford pointed out that evacuation wasn’t an option for her, and that if she’d been in serious enough danger, she would have found a way out of the Sunshine State. Florida, is, of course, the site of historically huge Hurricane Irma’s latest landfall, and some of the most populous parts of the state are under mandatory evacuation orders.

Full Take-Em-to-Task Text

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Here’s the full text of Stafford’s powerful Facebook rejoinder to the “fans” who lashed out at her for no good reason.

“To all you trolls who were calling me “stupid b—h” and other such names for being in Florida…first, what’s wrong with you? Don’t be a part of this page. Second, if you must know, we didn’t have an option to leave. If I was in tremendous danger, I would have figured something out. By the time the hurricane hits my area, it is said it will be a cat 2. Anyway, I don’t have to explain myself to any troll and I never will…if anyone feels the need to call me a “bad mom,” or “stupid” or “a moron” like I saw the other day. GO AWAY. And honestly, good luck to you cuz I think you may need it more than I [heart emoji].”


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Amen to that, Sister Stafford!

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  1. Michelle,i pray you and your family are safe,what stupid people call you are just words,they are jealous,because you are so beautiful and such a great actress,i loved you on Y&R and i love you on GH.FOR ALL THOSE WHO call you names there are many more who love you,just remember that!!a devoted fan of 84 years old tomorrow!!

  2. i`m sooooooooooooooooooooo sick of hearing about steve burton makes my stomamac churn,he`s not all what they are making him out to should never had rehired him for dumb,stupid storyline coming up.another rewrite of gh history. my favorite soap is turning into rewrites all the time and something awfulno wonder they are losing the way franco called the little boy in the photo .when he said what was morgan doing in there

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