General Hospital Confirms Steve Burton is Patient 6!

Steve Burton–well, his eyes, at least, in Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital.

General Hospital star Steve Burton’s first scene as–well, whoever he’ll ultimately be–airs Wednesday, and we’ve got a first look!

Ol’ Blue Eyes

It’s maddening, but true, dear Soap Cities readers: Burton’s first scene comes at the end of Wednesday’s episode. And we’re not going to get much more than to see his peepers! But what a set of baby blues they, are, right? Our fab friends at posted a clip of today’s episode. Which you can see in full by visiting their site.

We see Patient 6 from behind, then his hands move up to his eyes. We see him from the front, and he slowly begins to remove that intense eyewear he’s been sporting. And then it comes off–and we see those unmistakable icy blue eyes and blond eyebrows.

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“All the [girls]think he’s a spy/He’s got Steve Burton eyes!” Ok, so we made that up, based on Kim Carnes classic 1980s hit, “Bette Davis Eyes.” But it applies in more ways than one, no? The eyes, the covert nature of what seems to be going on with Patient 6.

What Next?!?!

So, dear readers, what do you think is next for Patient 6?! Is he Nikolas, Jason, someone else?

image courtesy of @SoapChick and @DelrayMonica/Twitter.

We have to give a shoutout to our friend, @SoapChick and Monica Del Ray/@DelrayMonica, for teasing this reveal with their sharp catches, which we detailed in an article yesterday. And we can just go ahead and pat ourselves on the back for being right about this too! This image —> is courtesy of Monica via @SoapChick, though!

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We can’t wait to see what’s next for Patient 6, and we’d love to hear your ideas about what you want to or think will happen with him next. Will he fly home with Ava (Maura West)? That’s one transatlantic flight we’d pay good money to sit in a middle seat on!

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