GH & OLTL Actress Tonja Walker Accused of Racist Tweet Against the NFL

Soap star Tonja Walker made an NFL-related oopsie on Twitter.

Daytime vet Tonja Walker will need to file this one under “Things I Wish I Hadn’t tweeted.”

Foot in Mouth Alert!

Walker, a much-beloved daytime star for her roles on One Life to Live and General Hospital, tweeted about the controversy surrounding many NFL players decision to take a knee as the National Anthem plays at football games.

The online missive was not well received!

Walkers said that in a different country, “these guys,” the players would be “raking leaves” if they refused to honor the anthem, the flag, and war veterans. Eek!

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After the initial backlash, Walker inadvertently threw salt in the wound by pointing out that her daughter has black friends. Cringe!

See an image of the now-deleted tweet below to the right.


An Outspoken Thespian

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Walker is a vocal supporter of President Trump, and she’s not shy about letting Twitter followers know that. This inevitably leads to some lightly controversial, if you will, messages, but none have sparked the ridicule the actress received as a result of this one!

She continued to engage with those who called her racist:

Hi everyone. I’ve been so hurt by people saying I’m a racist, when my best friends’ daughter is black. Totally wrong. This is destroying me.

— Tonja Walker (@TonjaWalker) September 27, 2017


At the end, the actress appeared to be dejected from all the backlash:


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So what do you think, dear Soap Cities readers? Do you think Walker deserved to be condemned by social media for what she tweeted? Or do you think maybe she didn’t mean exactly what it sounds like she did?

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      Now, now. Don’t kill the messenger, please. We just reported the story. We didn’t pick anything apart and make it “racial.” We observed something, and it already happened to be “racial,” by Walker’s own admission. Thank you for reading and commenting on our article, Nan.

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