Seeing Double Again: DC Reports Tamara Braun ThisClose to Coming Back to GH!

Laura Wright with Tamara Braun.

Tamara Braun, who played Carly at one time, is in talks to return to General Hospital!!

Two Is Better Than One

No, dear Soap Cities readers, Braun, if she returns to the soap she once called home, GH, won’t replace Laura Wright as Carly Corinthos, reported our friends over at Daytime Confidential. Don’t worry.

It’ll be Braun to see her alongside the newer Carly, though, right?

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Sealing the Deal

When Braun’s deal over at GH is official (fingers crossed!) she’ll apparently play a “new-but-pivotal” role on the Tale of Two Jasons that officially began Tuesday when Patient 6 took his glasses off, revealing very-Steve Burton eyes!

With Steve Burton and Billy Miller both on the show, there’s in a way, two Jasons, and soon there may be two Carlys!

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Who could Braun be, do you think, dear readers? How will her arrival affect the return of a man with OG Jason’s face back in Port Charles?

Braun also played the fan fave role of Ava Vitali on Days of Our Lives. That character was murdered by the son of a man she was involved with. Let’s just hope whoever Braun plays in Port Charles doesn’t meet such a fate.

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Show runners wanted Braun back at another time in the sudser’s past, one in which three actresses who had played Carly were on the show at once for the show’s 51st Anniversary back in 2014.

Tamara Braun, Maurice Benard, Laura Wright and Sarah Joy Brown
Tamara Braun with Maurice Benard, Laura Wright and Sarah Joy Brown.     Photo Courtesy:  Laura Wright


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