GH Star Matt Cohen Target of Mean Tweets in Wake of Cast Firings

General Hospital star Matt Cohen, who plays Griffin Munro.

UPDATE:  Matt Cohen actually read and retweeted our article, thanking us for the support.  We say, “Anytime, Matt!”

General Hospital star Matt Cohen responded to tweet-attacks from fans angry about the behind-the-scenes shakeups that have left many fans disgruntled.

No Need to Be Nasty

Cohen tweeted that he’d been on the receiving end of an “unreal” amount of vitriol from GH fans suggesting he should be fired to allow Rebecca Budig and Robert Palmer Watkins to stay, according to our friends at Soap Opera Intel.

The tweets have thankfully since been deleted.

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But, really, soap fans, aren’t we better than this? Hiding behind a computer screen and lashing out at someone who had nothing to do with the likely budgetary concerns that led to Budig’s and Watkins’ firings? And those are firings that have left us at Soap Cities feeling very blue as well.

Haters Really Are Gonna Hate, We Suppose

People have been mean and petty since the dawn of humanity, right, dear Soap Cities readers? It does add another layer of pitifulness to it all, though, when bullies use the anonymity granted by the Internet to say hurtful things to undeserving people.

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The Bright Side

Many fans and/or generally kind people tweeted messages of support to Cohen, an example of which you can see below.

Speaking of Matt Cohen

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We’ll just use this opportunity here at Soap Cities to go on the record as being big Matt Cohen fans! He’s a great actor, a great addition to Port Charles, and on top of it all, he’s a major dreamboat.

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  1. The people bashing Matt simply aren’t thinking or aren’t informed. Rebecca Budig was hired in no small part due to her relationship with former GH and AMC head writer, Jean Passante. Budig received a cushy four year contract and was immediately given a mountain of airtime but she never delivered ratings. Passante quit rather than being fired due to the lousy ratings and Budig was cut loose. It had nothing to do with Matt and everything to do with GH making an expensive hire that didn’t pan out.

    Robert Palmer Watkins is a decent actor and a very likable guy but he’s playing a Quartermaine. The Q’s, Spencers, Webbers and Baldwins have been back burnered so the show can focus on the Jeromes, Davis and Corinthos families. I think this is a HUGE mistake but that doesn’t change the fact that playing a Q doesn’t offer job security! Dillon’s romance with Kiki has gotten some play but Dillon has always seemed a little too nice – very much white bread and bad boys do better in soaps.

    Add to that, GH just re-hired DeVry as Julian (another mistake, IMO) and that money had to come from somewhere. There is no point in bashing Cohen for this. GH fans should be bashing Frank and Varni for trying to make GH over in their image and hurting the show instead. Frank and Varni are also guilty of catering to their pets, ignoring the show’s history and giving writer’s bonuses for creating new characters when the GH cast is already too large and not utilized properly!

    I think the show should get rid of the Davis and Jerome families. Bring back vets and hire based on what the show needs rather than what Frank and Varni want. GH got it right in the 70’s and 80’s – time to roll back the clock!

    • I can’t figure out why “fans” are targeting him? He doesn’t write the stories or fire people. Happy that the fans are outraged over the firings, not that Valentini will listen.

  2. Tracey Fahnestock

    I’m glad Rebecca is gone but they should not fire the other guy Rebecca was a poor actress i would fire Ashley jones who plays the gay teacher i just dont like her shes too dry and what about the girl who played around with dante she needs to go theres that one woman on there i think shes british she walks around trying to get people in trouble and Ava it’s time for her to go.

  3. linda rickman babb

    I don’t have twitter so I don’t no of anything negative about cohen/ griffen but I do have facebook and I have not seen nothing negative on there I really like cohen and his character I like him with ava I think they have great chemistry.

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