GH Stars Lexi Ainsworth and Ashley Jones Live Tweet with Fans!

Ashley Jones and Lexi Ainsworth as Parker and Kristina on General Hospital.

Now with Ashely Jones back on the GH canvas, will Parker’s much buzzed-about storyline with Kristina, played Lexi Ainsworth, get revived?

A Storyline Revisited?

Just when fans thought that GH‘s Kristina/Parker storyline had faded out or was put on the back burner, who but Parker (Jones) herself appears in Port Charles as none other than a replacement professor at PCU for Kristina’s (Ainsworth) younger sis Molly’s (Haley Pullos) class! Jones and Ainsworth connected with fans via Twitter to address Parker’s reemergence on the GH canvas. Will their student/teacher, same-sex romance reignite now that they are in the same town? That remains to be seen, Soaps In Depth reported.

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Jones, though, did express her gratitude at being able to step back into Parker’s shoes.

“I was thrilled and humbled, honestly,” she said.

Of course, the duo had to keep where this storyline will ultimately go under wraps, and Jones admitted that she’s not sure how long her GH stay will be. However, she did offer some insight.

“So much is going on inside Parker. I like that she’s multi-layered. Sensitive, but strong. Fearless, but tries to be thoughtful. I learn a bit more every time I get a script,” Jones said.

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Fan Firestorm

Of course, take a lesbian romance, throw in the student/professor angle and the fact that Parker does have some years on Kristina, and you’ve got a cauldron of controversy. Fans on both ends of the opinion spectrum have made sure to be heard. Some welcomed a new, topical storyline, while others were opposed.

“It’s important and seems to be a hot topic for a lot of people,” Ainsworth weighed in. “I hope we can create a dialogue and an understanding. I try not to focus on the negative. Haters gonna hate.”

A New Perspective?

Parker and her former student certainly have been though a lot in the time that’s elapsed since Kristina left her studies at Wesleyan amid the controversy that surrounded her proposition to Parker to sleep with her for an improved grade. Parker and her wife have broken up, and Kristina has enrolled at PCU and holds a steady job at Port Charles’s happening coffee joint, Perks. Now that the two have run into each other and were cordial, will the relationship resume, or is there nothing more than a friendship between the two in the works?

“I think through the heartache and struggle, she has been able to see things more clearly,” Ainsworth observed of her character. She added that her character’s grown “stronger and more confident in who she is.”

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It will be very intriguing to see the path that Kristina and Parker take. As Jones said, “Stay tuned!”

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