Gone But Not Forgotten: ATWT and GL Casts Reunite

Some fan fave GL and ATWT cast members. Image courtesy of CBS/TV Insider.

Cast members of Guiding Light and As the World Turns, two of the soap genres most enduring and beloved shows, reunited for a celebration.

Celebrate Good Times–Come On!

On the heels of CBS’ renewal of The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful, there’s more heartening news about the network and its daytime serials.

Fan fave cast members from GL and ATWT got together for a photo in honor of CBS’ 30 years of daytime dominance. Sadly, these shows, of course, are no longer on the air.

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“But McDaniel [Angela, Head of CBS Daytime] hasn’t forgotten two landmark serials no longer on the air—Guiding Light and As the World Turns—that were instrumental in building CBS Daytime into the Nielsen powerhouse it is today,” reported one of our favorite soap journalists, Michael Logan. In his column on daytime sudsers, Logan posted the TV Insider exclusive pic.

Save Our Soaps, Naturally

Also: Two other canceled daytime dramas could be on your screen again too–AMC and OLTL!

We at Soap Cities are always thinking from a Save Our Soaps (SOS) movement vantage point. We couldn’t help wondering how great it would be if GL and ATWT were rebooted, perhaps in a digital format, as CBS’ daytime roster is full these days. Don’t you agree, dear Soap Cities readers?

These classic soaps could be restarted and delivered to fans on YouTube, a website, the CBS All Access app, and many other online delivery formats. Proctor and Gamble owns them, and it’s a very wealthy company, after all!

Not incidentally, CBS is at the vanguard of original online series, with its creation of  The Good Wife spinoff, The Good Fight.

Before You Go: Lots of classic shows are being rebooted–why not soaps?

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  1. Yes please bring them back in a digital format!! I’ve said this for a while, if they bring them back we the fans would be there!!!

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