Another Classic TV Show Revival to Give Soap Fans Hope–This Time? Roseanne!

The original cast of Roseanne. Image courtesy of TV Land.

Oh, we at Soap Cities are HUGE Roseanne fans and HUGE soap fans, so we are absolutely loving this news! See why it heartens both the ABC sitcom and ABC soap fan in us.

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The principal characters of the visionary, groundbreaking, and wildly popular 1990s ABC sitcom, Roseanne, are working on an eight-episode revival of that magnificent show.

“The new installment is executive produced by the original series’ EPs Tom Werner, Barr and Bruce Helford as well as Gilbert and Whitney Cummings, with Helford and Cummings co-running. The project is currently in the marketplace, with multiple networks bidding, including original Roseanne home ABC, and Netflix…” reported

Why This Excites Us

Well, there’s the part about how we love Roseanne Barr, the whole cast of her eponymous show, and the show itself, of course.

But every time a classic, beloved show from the past gets rebooted, we get excited. Why? Well, what are the most classic and beloved shows of all, dear Soap Cities readers? Soap operas!

We recently bought you news of a Will and Grace reboot being in the works over at NBC too.

In both these cases, if we fans show enough interest, watch the shows, and record and watch them on our DVRs too, you never know–they could be back for a season or more! This is Hollywood, where the bottom line definitely rules, for better or worse. If something brings in viewers/bucks, it will stick around. All of the soaps canceled since 2009, Guiding Light, Another World, As the World Turns, All My Children, One Life to Live (and Loving/The City, canceled before that) had they been managed better, could have made profits for their parent networks. And they still can.

ABC is actively in talks to figure out what to do with AMC and OLTL now that they have the rights to those shows back.

Let’s watch the heck out of Roseanne 2.0 and show The Powers That Be (TPTB) we will reward rebirthings of our favorite shows, like AMC and OLTL. Then other networks will follow with their own soaps!

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