Willam Utay to Reprise Role of Dr. Rolf on Days of Our Lives

William Utay as Dr. Rolf on Days of Our Lives

Actor William Utay, a favorite among Days of Our Lives fans for his portrayal of Dr. Rolf, is set to reprise the role he made famous.

Zombies in Salem?

“William Utay, who played the dastardly Dr. Wilhelm Rolf from 1997 to 2003 and 2007 to 2008, is returning to Days of Our Lives this fall,” reported Days news guru Jason47 on his Facebook page.

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Jason47 also listed some highlights of Dr. Rolf’s wacky career. Dr. Rolf not only performed any and all medical procedures, but was capable of feats that still elude the most brilliant scientific minds around! Love it!

“Through the years, Rolf has implanted a mind-controlling device into Vivian Alamain’s tooth; helped change Hope into Princess Gina; performed plastic surgery on Hattie to make her look just like Marlena; brought some teenagers to Salem in a spaceship-like pod; and erased all of John’s memories, among many other misdeeds,” wrote Jason47. Misdeeds or fabulous deeds?

Also: Soap Hub started a petition to get Days to stop taping on a six-month lead schedule.

Classic Carlivati

By fall, incoming Days head writer Ron Carlivati’s material will have been airing for several weeks. Dr. Rolf and his “misdeeds” have Carlivati written all over them if you ask us.

We bet he’ll bring some beloved, dead-but-revivable (which anyone is in daytime, regardless of how they died) Salemites back, which is very Carlivati, as it honors show history. And, Dr. Rolf was hilarious while being crafty, and humor is one of Carlivat’s gifts and one of his favorite ways to go as a head writer.

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What do you hope Dr. Rolf does this time around in Salem, dear Soap Cities readers and Days fans?

Also: where do you think Dr. Rolf went to med school?

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