Is Roger Howarth Off Contract at General Hospital?

Roger Howarth, Franco Baldwin on General Hospital.

We found out some intriguing information about Roger Howarth’s contract status at General Hospital.

On or Off?

Soap Cities has learned from an inside source that fan fave General Hospital star Roger Howarth has reportedly been taken off contract at the ABC sudser.

His contract negotiations recently hit a snag, and now it seems that contract is no more.

Soap Cities Exclusive: There was a special guest at a recent Michael Easton/Roger Howarth fan event.

Never fear Howarth fans, for now at least, Howarth will be on the show for some time, said the inside source.

And remember, the popular actor’s contract negotiations also hit a snag last year, but he eventually resigned.

What of Friz and Rebecca Herbst?

When an actor is off-contract they will necessarily be seen less, so what does this mean for Franco’s hot and heavy romance with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst)?

And what about Elizabeth in general? Can we still expect her in front-burner storylines? GH played hardball with her contract negotiations a while back too. She was written off the show, but fan outcry brought her back with a contract.

Your Voice Matters

Roger Howarth’s passionate fan base has already sprung into action.

It’s begun a Twitter campaign to keep the actor on GH. The hashtag to use if you want to Tweet your participation is #KeepRogerGH.

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The daytime icon’s fans have also initiated an online petition to impress upon ABC and GH how beloved and wanted on the show Howarth is.

Also: Friz fans love their couple and they made it known!

Finally, we want to know what you, our dear Soap Cities readers, think. Vote in our poll below.

Do you want RoHo to stay on General Hospital?

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Discussion8 Comments

  1. well i hope that because he won’t be around we won’t get liz shoved to the back burner again

    i fear that….and all that will mean is more air time of son of sam and carly instead….

    the big four are so positively boring as all get out


  2. C’mon, you gotta keep Franco. He’s got a boat with a cooler 😉 Seriously, Roger is one of the most witty and fantastic actors on TV/GH. Some actors are worth fighting for and keeping around, and he is definitely one of them. I’ve watched his work since OLTL. Please reach a compromise.

  3. I’d like Roger to stay, but not “Franco”. Even after all this time, RH is STILL NOT Franco for me. James Franco is the only one who should play that role.

    Now, if they send RH/Franco away for a while and bring RH/Todd back, I would love it!

    As far as Rebecca Herbst goes, they need to find someone new for her. Maybe Todd?

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