GH Fans Have Spoken! They Feel This Way About Franco and Elizabeth!

Most fans feel positively about Franco and Elizabeth on General Hospital.

We were a little surprised by the results of a poll we did on the popularity among fans of Franco and Elizabeth–aka, Friz. No offense, Friz fans!

A Vocal Majority!

A whopping 81 percent of Soap Cities (SC) readers love Franco (Roger Howarth) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) together! This was surprising to us because the two are an unorthodox couple, mostly due to of Franco’s past.

We love that fans love this story of change and forgiveness. After all, Franco has had, shall we say, that colorful history, with multiple murders and other malfeasances among his crimes. But fans can apparently learn to forgive and forget. And they love an unorthodox, well-told love story, as evidenced by these excerpts from comments readers made on our poll.

SC reader Stephen Parker wrote: “The Franco/Elizabeth pairing is one of the most refreshing aspects of the current entire GH storylines. The two actors have wonderfully quirky chemistry together and their union is a masterful example of ‘anything is possible.'”

Jamie, another reader, wrote:” The slow build up of Franco and Elizabeth is amazing.”

A Sizable Minority

Seventeen percent of our readers don’t care for these two together. They think they are creepy and not going to achieve supercouple status any time soon. They think it’s just not believable that Elizabeth would be with Franco after all he’s done.


Then there’s an even smaller minority–two percent–who don’t care either way. They’re sick of GH screen time being taken up by Friz and just want the show to focus on other storylines. Will they or won’t they? This group doesn’t care!

Moving on, this group says!

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  1. Whether you love them (as I do) or hate them you can’t deny they are unique to any couple in daytime. Their chemistry literally jumps of the screen and the creative quirky dialog keeps you wanting more! They can be near each other without a touch and the actors make it appear genuines and necessary like breathing. It’s a wonderful way to express the love they have for each other. If any other pairing quipped at each other like this couple to it would seem forced and inappropriate but they pull it off. Love that General Hospital has changed it’s format to be couple focused and not the tired bed hopping norm of the old days. This is fresh and fun and I hope they continue!

  2. I love them because they are different. He treats her like a queen and loves her boys as his own. They were built slowly and with care which is rare on soaps, I hope they get married one day they both especially deserve a long time pairing. Also yes they are popular despite some hate they get lol.

  3. I had stopped watching any of the soaps since 2000 & didn’t start back till GH brought Rebecca & Roger together. Their first interaction was amazing in Dec 2016. I have been hooked on them ever since. I find their interactions to be hilarious at times, angst driven, & full of love and promise. I look forward to what the writers of GH are going to do with them. I see them as a long term couple and hope to have many years of viewing pleasure.

  4. I think the fact that 98% care one way or another is telling! No couple gets soap fans talking like Friz and that is good for GH! Personally, I adore them! Some of the best supercouples were not created but found by following the chemistry on screen! They remind me of classic Luke&Laura… a quirky bad boy tamed only around the spunky good girl! I hope we get to see them on adventures together!

  5. I think they are fresh.. compelling and unlike any soap cpuoke currently on Daytime Tv.
    GH struck gold with Friz. Rebecca Herbst and Roger Howarth move seamlessly from drama to comedy to romance Thierry chemistry and charisma is off the charts.. I just hope TPTB recognize a good thing when they see it and allow us to enjoy these two for as long as possible.

  6. Friz has made me believe anything is possible. I would have never thought this couple would work. But I’m so glad to be proven wrong. I feel the actors challenge one another. To bring out the best in the other. The characters are human flawed. In that you can see their insecurities, their walls of defense. But you also see the love they have for one another and especially the boys. Franco a man that didn’t want children. Now can’t see himself without the brothers three. This is a family of love, support,trust and protectiveness. I’m so very happy Gh went this route.Love in the Afternoon was all I was asking for. And I got it in spades with Franco and Liz. So Thank You again General Hospital for bringing these two characters together.

  7. Love Franco & Liz pairing they are the only “real” couple on GH. Neither hold past mistakes against each other, you hear a lot about Franco’s past, let’s not forget Liz has one too. I’ve always loved her but just like the rest of PC, she has horns holding on that halo…lol The best thing ever is they had a negative past – that was dealt with, day by day over time – they learned to forgive & trust from today forward… instead of being enemies but having the hots for each other & a quick roll in the hay fixes all… They are open, honest & united in all things. They can agree to disagree if need be & not be angry & vengeful. In my opinion they are already a super couple & the best one I have ever seen come out of GH !! The other thing I really like about them is they are a “family” They only have eyes for each other and wait for it…. like it or not Franco, you’re a Dad !! His devotion to Liz & her boys is just amazing and as natural as can be. I could go on & on, each day something more inspiring happens with them, I look forward to GH with a renewed devotion because of Friz. 🙂

  8. Since watching gh in the 1970’s, I stopped watching when Jonathan Jackson left in 2009. I’ve only just come back because of Elizabeth and Franco being together, they are the hottest thing in the soap world right now. They also remind me of the old love story from the past, the greatest love story Luke and Laura. As long as GH respects this couple I’ll stay to watch but nothing else on this show is as refreshing and sexy as these two.

  9. I really liked them as friends and didn’t want to see anything more. I would say I am still part of the ‘meh’ group when it cones to them as a romantic couple. But I do still love their friendship and their interactions. I like the honesty, even when it’s uncomfortable. I like Franco’s friendship with Jake. This has been refreshing (all except for the dog crate). I hope they keep this relationship slow, because that’s the only way it will work for me.

  10. Why did Sam open her big mouth. Franco would have told Elizabeth when he knew for sure that he didn’t push Drew down the stairs. I think for sure it was that Harvey creep was responsible not Franco. Wait till Sam finds out Drew and Franco will be working together.

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