BREAKING GH NEWS: Run for Cover–Helena Cassadine Is Back! Nik Next?–Vote in Our Poll

Constance Towers as Helena Cassadine on General Hospital.

One of the most fearsome General Hospital villains ever, Helena Cassadine, will be on our screens again.

Chilling, Even in a Playful Video!

Constance Towers, the latest actress to play Helena Cassadine, and arguably the one who has conveyed best her bone-chilling sociopathy, offered GH viewers a tantalizing tease in a video posted to the ABC sudser’s official Facebook page. See that full video below.

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In it, Helena notes what a mysterious place Port Charles is, and how we never know who’s going to “come on.” She then blows a kiss.

What Better Time?

With the question of what happened to Jake (Hudson West)–not to mention Jason (Billy Miller)–front and center on GH these days, it would be a perfect time for Helana to reappear. This is especially true given that Jason is on Cassadine Island.

Also: Who’s your fave Port Charles couple? Vote in our poll or in the comments!

Will Helena’s comeback be in spirit form, or will she be flesh and blood–assuming it’s blood and not ice coursing through her veins? What do you think, dear Soap Cities readers?

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With Helena coming back, this would be a perfect time for another departed Cassadine, Nikolas (ex-Tyler Christopher) to come back, don’t you think, readers? Vote in our poll! We’re not going to lie–we are dying for Christopher to come back.

Do you want Tyler Christopher to be the next Cassadine to come back to General Hospital?

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  1. It had better be in ‘spirit’ form or flashbacks!!!!
    I absolutely DO NOT want a live Helena back on my screen EVER! That woman has come back from the dead too many times and there is NO way they could write a convincing way to bring her back.

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