GH Star Jane Elliot on Why She’s Retiring and What’s Ahead for Her

Jane Elliot, Tracy Quartermaine on General Hospital.

We know, dear Soap Cities readers, you’re going to miss both the incomparable Jane Elliot and her equally fabulous onscreen alter ego, Tracy Quartermaine on General Hosptial. Read about why she’s leaving the biz and what her next chapter holds.

A Golden Career

Elliot has been wowing audiences for 53 years, she pointed out to Michael Logan in this week’s print edition of TV Guide.

“I’ve gone from job to job, coast to coast, movies to theater to TV, and it’s all been delicious,” Elliot said. “I’m really glad I got to do it, but now I want to use a different part of my brain–the part where I don’t have to learn lines, put on makeup, wonder if my roots are showing, or think about my weight.”

Confused Costars

Logan asked Elliot how her costars at GH took the news of her retirement. Some understood. Others wondered why, at this point in her career, when she’s so revered by fans and is “the big chicken” on the GH set, would Elliot consider leaving the biz.

“A lot of actors can’t comprehend giving up acting, but I’m a different kind of animal. Pretending no longer appeals to me,” Elliot said.

The Road Ahead

And what’s next for Elliot?

“I want the freedom to expand in some new way,” the actress noted. “Now I want to see where my imagination takes me.”

She won’t, however, know what her new path is until she gets away from Los Angeles and its “confines and restrictions.”

Well, we’ll be watching and supporting her, as we know you will, Soap Cities readers and GH fans!

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  1. OMG It will be such a sad day when Tracy Q is no longer in the Masion and us the fans don’t hear Monica says, “Tracy it is MY HOUSE Allan gave it to me”. lol. Friday’s episode was just so awesome to former characters Lila, Jenny, Edward Q too plus the footage of Scotty Bowman and others yesteryear too. 🙂 It brought back so many memories! 🙂

  2. Marie Gustafson

    I for one am going to miss Tracy on General Hospital! No one could ever do the great job that she has done over the years. Great Job Tracy and hope you have a wonderful retirement.

    Marie Gustafson

  3. The Tracy we all know can make you hate her in one breathe and love in the next. Her character role keeps us in suspense and hopes that she will always do the right thing. We love ❤️ You Tracy and we are going to miss you. Good luck in wherever this venture may lead.

  4. Good luck Jane Elliot(JQ)You still look great.Thank God you did what you loved for many years and are able to continue on to do other things that I’m sure you will be good at

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