B&B Romance Report Card: How the Love is Measuring Up–Vote in Our Poll!

Brooke and Bill on The Bold and the Beautiful.

The Bold and the Beautiful knows how to bring us that afternoon delight we fans want. Some of its current amorous tales are fab, while others are less so. Do you agree with our grades?

Bill and Brooke: C

While it’s nice to see Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) possibly get some of the happiness she deserves, this couple is a little been-there-done-that.

There’s no denying Lang and Don Diamont (Bill Spencer) have have smokin’ chemistry, but we’re not thrilled about the same old, same old aspect of their pairing.

Besides, isn’t Brooke’s true love in life Ridge (Thorsten Kaye)?

Quinn and Eric: B-

We love the totally unexpected nature of Quidge! It’s a little odd, a little wacky, but that’s what makes it wonderful.

That’s why we were less than pleased when Quinn (Rena Sofer) cheated on Eric (John McCook) with Ridge. Luckily it didn’t go too, too far, but still, that tainted the pairing of these two B&B stars.

We can’t help but feel apprehensive about what lies ahead for them when poor Eric inevitably learns the truth.

Sally and Thomas: A

Now, this is a great soap couple! Er…was? Well, you know they’re getting back together, right dear Soap Cities readers?

Besides, navigating a rocky road to romance to end up in each other’s arms is part of what puts the “super” in a soap supercouple.

Courtney Hope and Pierson Fode have great chemistry together. Their onscreen alter egos didn’t expect to find love with members of competing fashion houses, but they did. And we can’t wait to see where this goes!

RJ and Coco: A-

We’re not always huge fans of teen romance storylines on soaps, but we’re liking this one.

Again, they’re unexpected and we know the odds being stacked against them will only make this couple stronger.

So far, Anthony Trupel and Courtney Grosbeck are doing a commendable job of making us root for RJ and Coco and tune in to see where love takes them.

Maya and Rick, Zende and Nicole, Liam and Steffy: C-

We grouped these three B&B pairings together to make a point. Sure, it’s not always easy to watch your fave characters struggle on a soap, but these three prove that the happiness option isn’t always the best either.

Happiness is, to be blunt, boring. However, we know that soon these couples will be facing tough times and coming out on top, all the while entertaining and thrilling us.

Please vote for your fave couple in the comments. Thanks, SC readers!

Which of these B&B couples gets an A+ for general fabulousness?

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