Soap Alums Weigh In on Possible Jane Elliot Tracy Q Recast on GH

Daytime icons Robin Strasser (l) and Colleen Zenk (r).

Regular folks and celebs alike came out of the woodwork this weekend to offer their opinions on whether Tracy Quartermaine should be recast when Jane Elliot exits the role later this year. Soap icons Colleen Zenk and Robin Strasser are the latest to weigh in.

First the Poll

Last week Soap Cities wrote an article with an accompanying poll asking readers if they thought the role of Tracy Quartermaine on General Hospital should be recast when Jane Elliot leaves the show later this year.

We offered some soap alum names as possible choices should show runners choose to recast the role, including Collen Zenk (Barbara Ryan, As the World Turns) , Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord, One Life to Live), and Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful).

GH fans were in an uproar on Twitter, Tweeting, “Heck, no,” in any way possible to get their point home: there is only one Tracy Quartermaine, and that’s Jane Elliot. Their Twitter responses even included profanity, humorous GIFs, and a suggestion to assemble with pitchforks and torches!

I’m Fabulous, You’re Fabulous

This weekend, the great Robin Strasser herself chimed in, saying what she thought of Zenk stepping into Elliot’s shoes. The luminous Zenk, in turn, voiced an opinion as well. Scroll down to see their input!

Zenk liked and Retweeted this Tweet:

And she responded to Strasser’s Tweet too!

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Discussion6 Comments

  1. Are Robin & Colleen desperate for work?
    That they WOUNDN’T come out and say “No one can replace Jane Elliot…she is the one and only Tracy!” is very telling.
    They obviously think they, or someone, could replace her.
    There is no way anyone could in my opinion.!

    • Jane Elliot is the ultimate Tracy Q but we cannot keep losing actors from this family without them disappearing altogether. Therefore, although I love Jane Elliot, I think Colleen Zenk would make a great replacement. With soaps going downhill nowadays we need to keep things going and we cannot let the Quatermaine family disappear from the show!!

  2. As much as I’d like to see “Tracy” going forward, there is NO ONE that can replace the character. It would be like replacing the Washington Momument, Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon, it-can-not-be-done!!! Jane Elliot is the only Tracy possible. There could be other fine actresses that could do the role, but they could not do Tracy justice. We love Our Tracy, we will miss her very much, but lets give her a chance to enjoy her retirement and we will have our memories.

  3. There is only one Tracy Quartermaine and that is played by Jane Elliot. I don’t think recasting would go over very well.

  4. No recast……. Not for this role. Dorian Lord would be a fun addition, though. Would really love to see Dorian and Tracy butt heads, but I guess that won’t happen. 🙁

  5. Although both of those ladies were fabulous in their own roles, they are not meant to play Tracy. If they joined GH in some other role, fine…but not as Tracy. That role will always belong to Jane. I have loved Tracy and also loved hating her in moments. Jane Elliott should not be replaced. Although I don’t want to lose yet another Quartermaine, I understand that she wants to retire. I don’t want GH to kill her off. I hope that they send her off in the arms of Luke. I believe that would be the most fitting way to celebrate her. Let Tracy leave for love. She deserves that.

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