EXCLUSIVE: Soap Cities and Jacklyn Zeman, Uncut and Uncensored!

Jackyn Zeman, Bobbie Spencer on General Hospital.

Last week we brought you an exclusive interview with General Hospital star Jacklyn Zeman, Bobbie Spencer the ABC sudser. Here’s the full text of our Christine Chagaris’ chat with the daytime icon!

Soap Cities (SC): What did you think about the interaction between Bobbie and Carly (Laura Wright) in the aftermath of the Nelle (Chloe Lanier) reveal that she was out to destroy Carly’s life? Why don’t you think Bobbie threw it back at Carly that she knew all along that Nelle was up to no good?

Zeman: I think it speaks to a mother’s unconditional love for her daughter. I am a mother myself in real life [of two grown daughters, Cassidy and Lacey]and thankfully haven’t had that kind of drama. That said, you can’t stop loving your children, and I love the way the writers positioned our [Bobbie and Carly’s] feelings in that scene.

SC: Will Bobbie be okay with Nelle  staying in Port Charles?

Zeman: Bobbie, I am sure, looks back to when she was Nelle’s age at some of the mistakes she made back then. I know Bobbie feels disdain for Nelle’s actions, but I can imagine that she’d tell Carly, look, you gotta move on, babe! I really don’t even try to second guess what the writers will do. Bobbie could even do a complete about face and forgive Nelle for all I know, so it’s all exciting to play.

SC: How do you feel that Bobbie and Carly’s mother/daughter relationship has evolved, especially since the days when they were at odds, particularly when Carly slept with Bobbie’s then-hubby Dr. Tony Jones?

Zeman: Bobbie’s been such a source of support to Carly, so there’s room for all sorts of things to happen.

SC: Bobbie certainly has grown and evolved into a wise, refined and quietly strong woman since she first came to Port Charles. What are your thoughts on her growth over the years?

Zeman: It took awhile for Bobbie to come around, but the character had room to grow and fortunately did. You have to remember that she came from the wrong side of the tracks, had no family except for her brother, Luke (Tony Geary), and her Aunt Ruby. She was about seven years old when she had to move from New York to Florida with them after her parents died. At that age, you can barely survive. She’s still a scrapper, though, when she needs to be!

SC: Going back to the B.J. storyline, we can only imagine that story line was one of the most, if not the most, emotional for you to act. Bobbie’s adopted daughter killed by a drunk driver had to be wrenching for you to play.

Zeman: Soap storylines are a reflection of what’s going on in people’s lives; we try to keep it very current. That story line was so real, whether or not you’ve ever experienced such a horrible situation in real life. As a mother myself, that whole arc was very emotional for me. Everyone in it was terrific–Brad Maule (ex-Tony Jones), Brighton Hertford (B.J.), Kristina Wagner (Felicia), and Jack Wagner (Frisco). Those actors are as much family in real life as they were on the show. The B.J. story, as sad as it was, was incredible to act, and that feeling doesn’t fade away.

SC: You and Kristina are longtime real life friends, and it was great to see your characters interacting recently.

Zeman: I really love it when they write scenes for Bobbie and Felicia because they have so much history as close friends, and are really part of the fabric of the show.

SC: Do you wish that the writers would give Bobbie a love interest?

Zeman: I do believe that it’s important to show that, even as a mature woman, Bobbie can still be romantically active!

SC: Bobbie and Scotty’s (Kin Shriner) characters have been an on/off couple on the show for years now. Any plans for them in the near future that you can share, especially now that Scotty and Lucy are somewhat of an item? That would shake things up!

Zeman: I don’t know what’s going to happen with Scotty and Bobbie, but I can say that in real life Kin and I are rehearsing the play Love Letters and we are taking it on tour in October!

SC: What do you see as the future of soaps and the influence that can they have in people’s everyday lives?

Zeman: I am a longtime soap fan. I grew up watching them with my mom and grandma. It think it’s so important to have them. They really speak to human psychology. For example, if a character is going through a difficult time, a person watching, who might be going through something similar can say, ‘Hey,, if he/she can survive this, then so can I.’ I also think that, although many soaps have gone off the air and that’s genuinely sad, I think that there’s enough audience to go around with the ones that are still on, and soaps are here to stay!

SC: We’d be remiss if we didn’t ask you about your onscreen brother Luke, the iconic Tony Geary. There has been so much speculation about whether he might make return appearance at some point, perhaps to escort his beloved onscreen ex-wife Tracy (Jane Elliot) out of Port Charles when she leaves the role soon. Thoughts?

Zeman: I honestly don’t know if that would happen. I can only imagine that if they (the writers) came up with some kind of story arc that made Tony happy, then perhaps. But only if it made him happy – he was on the show for a long time. Tony’s multitalented so he can and will do many things – he’s not only a great actor but a great writer, too.

SC: We understand that he’s enjoying life in his adopted city of lovely Amsterdam on the other side of the globe. Have you visited him there?

Zeman: My daughters, my former husband and I have indeed visited him there years ago, and it was lovely and a lot of fun!

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