Y&R’s Joshua Morrow Dishes on Chloe’s Upcoming Comeuppance

Nick and Chelsea don’t agree on how to deal with Chloe.

Joshua Morrow talked about The Young and the Restless’ Nick’s being the thorn in Chloe’s duplicitous side!

Nick’s Got a Plan

Nick has suspected “something funky” is going on with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) for a while, and with suspicious evidence piling up against her, he springs into action next week.

“On the April 3 episode, Nick goes to the police with his suspicions. On April 4, he’ll make sure Chloe gets stinko drunk at her bachelorette party and then confront her,” reported Michael Logan of TV Insider.

Admittedly, his plan sounds a little haphazard. But who can blame him! This is a shocking, disturbing concept he’s dealing with, the idea that Chloe had something to do with Adam’s death. And Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) seems to want to ignore the evidence mounting against her BFF, so he’s essentially on his own in trying to prove his suspicions.

Nick has high ideals here, though, Morrow pointed out.

“He feels a certain obligation to Adam because Adam asked him to look out for his son, Connor. And we’re talking about potential murder here. Nick can’t ignore that,” the actor said.

Chelsea’s Choice

Meanwhile, Chelsea has her own reasons for not wanting to believe Chloe is mixed up in Adam’s disappearance.

Losing Adam was a huge trauma for her, and Chloe was an integral part of her getting through it.

“Chelsea doesn’t want to hear Nick’s suspicions. She doesn’t believe Chloe is capable of murder. Chloe was a godsend to her, pulling her through some very dark times after Adam’s death,” Morrow pointed out.

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  1. The actress who plays Mariah should be the first to leave Young and the Restless again and for the FINAL time. The writers having the Mariah character trying to play a love interest for Devon is ridiculous. The twin plot was asinine. The person playing Mariah is not an attractive character physically and neither is her personality. She is awkward and would be better depicted as an out of the closet lesbian.

  2. Please bring back Michael Muhney as Adam Newman. He’s been gone too long. Fantastic actor. Best Adam ever. I’ll come back to Y&R and so will a lot of other fans. Michael has over 100K fans and new ones add regularly.

  3. It is hard to forget the hate for Adam that Chloe harbored. Her speech to Adam just after she shot him with the dart gun was chilling. I have no doubt that she could have killed Adam, but I want to believe that he is really not dead. I think somehow Victor has saved him and has him hidden away. If Chloe is proven to be the cause of the explosion, and then sentenced for Adam’s death, Victor will be rid of her, so I think that has been his plan all along. I really would like to see Adam come back and be with Chelsea and raise his son Connor.

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