The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Thursday, March 30th: Zende Isn’t Pleased With Coco

Zende isn’t buying that Coco as innocent as she seems in The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, March 30th, predict that Zende has some strong opinions on Coco’s working at Forrester Creations.

I Can Explain–On Her Behalf

At Forrester Creations, Thomas (Pierson Fode) tells Zende (Rome Flynn) and Nicole (Reign Edwards) that what happened with the tumble into the water between Sally (Courtney Hope) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in Australia was an accident.

When Zende notes that the Spectras were known for ripping off Forrester designs and would likely do it again, Thomas insists that’s all in the past. Zende looks at Thomas like he’s crazy. It’s like inviting the wolf into the chicken coop!

Zende decides he should watch Coco (Courtney Grosbeck) like a hawk. She may have endeared herself to many by coming to RJ’s rescue the other day, but Zende isn’t totally convinced she’s not a threat.

Coco’s other champion, RJ (Anthony Trupel) looks at her lovingly and tells her it’s not fair the she gets treated differently just because of her last name.

Over at Spectra

Shirley (Patrika Darbo) vehemently insists that Forresters and Spectras go together like stripes and polka dots–although that’s a fashion choice the Spectras would totally make, so maybe that’s not the exact simile Shirley would use! She tells Sally that the hoity-toity Forresters and the low-rent Spectras are not meant to fraternize. Sally seems to us like the type who would only want Thomas more knowing he’s forbidden–and very hot!–fruit. Don’t you agree, Soap Cities readers?

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