Y&R’s Joshua Morrow on Adam’s Return and the Second Baby Christian Reveal

Joshua Morrow and Melissa Claire Egan of The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless star Joshua Morrow offered some fascinating insights into Nick and Chelsea’s relationship and how the secret about Christian’s paternity will affect them.

The Million Dollar Question

When will the truth about baby Christian come out, that he’s really Adam’s son, not Nick’s (Joshua Morrow)?

“Not for a long time, I hope,” Morrow told Michael Logan of TV Insider. “I never understand why people need such quick resolution. If they don’t think the Nick-Chelsea romance can work because she’s hanging on to this big secret, well, maybe they’ve never seen a soap before.”

Y&R Head Writer Sally Sussman went a step further in an interview with TV Insider’s Logan last year.

“Unless there is a compelling reason to have Nick learn the truth, I see no reason to go there,” she said.

Morrow added that the whatever the writers decide, he believes they have a master plan in mind and do what they do for a reason.

Chelsea Has Her Own Big Secret

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan)–and Victor (Eric Braeden)–are keeping the secret that Adam is Christian’s father for good reason. They both think Nick is the best person to raise him in Adam’s absence, especially because Adam asked him to look out for Connor, his brother, too.

“They are looking out for the welfare of that little boy. They both know the best thing is for Nick to raise him as his own, to look after him, to guide him through life,” Morrow said.

Come Home, Adam

Morrow expressed confidence that Adam would return one day.

“I do believe they’ll eventually bring Adam back,” he said. However, he said there’s no big rush. Well, for some of us there is, right Soap Cities readers?!

The other million dollar question is what actor would play Adam when/if he comes back?

“Obviously, Justin is too big for us now but I know he really loved this job and that he would love to come back and play Adam again. I know it,” Morrow said.

Rumors have been making the daytime community rounds that Michael Muhney is actively trying to come back to the show as Adam, but there’s been no official word on that hot topic!

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  1. FYI CHRISTIAN is really Nicks son. Victor wanted Adam to believe CHRISTIAN was his so Victor had the results double switched

    • Then why hasn’t Victor told Chelsea ? To me this is great news !!!!! I always wanted him to be Nicks !!! I truly love this show and all the charters !!!! Keep doing what you are doing .

  2. PLEASE bring Michael Muhney back! He is the next Victor Newman, he is a Great actor. He really brings the character to life.

  3. How many times can one man die and come back to life again???? Adam should remain dead. I am sick to death of Adam. Can’t the writers find a new story line, that doesn’t have to do with Adam.

  4. No the baby isn’t Nick’s and his so called gf and his daddy knows the truth bring back MM and get this crappy show back to being great

  5. Wei say Adam has died enough! I think if you really want to bring someone back please bri someone back as Dylan for Sharon!! It killed my heart yesterday to see her break down just from his apron! I’ve done that before and it’s the worst feeling! Leave baby Christan alone they are all happy and I would love to see Chole off the show!! She’s the devil and Kevin deserves so much better!

  6. Bring MM back as Adam and reveal Christian identity send Chloe behind bars and reveal Bella’s paternity

  7. Yes bring back i want back and your just kepp puting it off.why you have to went for what if your bringing him do shiting around we are sick of this get him back here now . This dum to keep saying hes comeing back and we have to went how long we have wented long enough. Stop saying we havw to went this so dum hes been gone a long time its time to come back . Mybe there gone waiting till cloe gones to court and have adam walk in the court room. That would be something great to see. They have to think of some way to bring back and that would be a good way to do that they should think about this idea.

    • It is disgraceful how people no longer can write the English language. Helen, I hope you are not an adult. What a shame. Smart Phones are making people dumb (or dum if write like Helen).

  8. Bring Justin back. Loved him as Adam. Also how can the truth about Adam being Christian’s dad be a secret forever? I mean what if Christian also inherits blindness gene from Adam? Then wouldn’t they find out anyway? Victor should tell Nick that Adam confided in him about it. Then bring Adam back and then put Nick & Sharon together. All those years ago I used to be a huge fan of Nick and Sharon. Then I stopped watching the show for a while as it stopped showing in free to air television in Australia. After a while once I started to watch it on cable TV Sharon’s character has changed to this weak pathetic person which she never was when she first started in the show. Bring Sharon’s strong character back and turn Nick & Sharon into the super couple they used to be. Where is Nia now? Bring him back and reunite Sharon’s & Nick’s family and let them stay as that!

    • Bring Adam back. Put nick and Sharon back together like they are suppose to be. They had the bomb chemistry. Put them and their kids back as a family. They had Sharon playing roles that didn’t become her at all. She and nick truly belong together. I love them as a couple.

    • Yessss. Thank you for your comment Janet. Please put Sharon and Nick back together. They belong together. Bring Adam back. I don’t care which one but please bring him back. Chelsea belongs with Adam not Nick.

  9. I’ve been watching young and the restless for many years the storylines are becoming very boring Adam and Chelsea made The show their chemistry was amazing bring Adam back !!! The fans are tired of waiting Chelsea and Nick have no chemistry make the show great again bring Adam home preferably Michael M.

  10. Yes please bring MM back he was the best Adam. The show is really boring without him. Nick and Chelsy no. They have zero chemistry. Nick belongs with Sharon. And please please do something with Abby. Her character has gotten pretty pitiful. Maybe she can het a job in Victors company that.’ll send her away for a long time.

  11. Yes please bring MM back he was the best Adam. The show is really boring without him. Nick and Chelsy no. They have zero chemistry. Nick belongs with Sharon. And please please do something with Abby. Her character has gotten pretty pitiful. Maybe she can het a job in Victors company that.’ll send her away for a long time.

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