The Young and the Restless Recap for February 27th-March 3rd: Jill Comes Home to a Changed World

Jill, Lauren, Faith, and Victoria bring the drama in The Young and the Restless recaps.

The Young and the Restless recap for February 27th-March 3rd recall a week of recovery, ransom, secrets, and deception!

Jack and Jill and Paying the Bill

Jill (Jess Walton) was released from the hospital. She warned Jack (Peter Bergman) that she was still going to buy him out of his share of Fenmore’s. Assuming Jill was in the hospital, Colin (Tristan Rogers) came over to pick up his things. Esther (Kate Linder) informs him that Billy (Jason Thompson) donated all his things to charity. Colin begged Jill for forgiveness, but she refused to listen.

 Sharing Secrets

Noah (Robert Adamson) explained to Sharon (Sharon Case) that he and Marisa broke up, as she moved to Spain to be closer to her daughter. Meanwhile Sharon confessed that Dylan is in the Witness Protection Program.

Caught in the Act

At Jabot, Michael (Christian LeBlanc) caught Gloria (Judith Chapman) giving Jack an overly-sensual massage, Jack claimed that his shoulder sometimes freezes. Michael demanded to know what are Jack’s intentions towards his mother. Jack said he felt that he owed her for helping him acquire Fenmore’s.

Later, Jack showed up at GCAC and locked eyes with Gloria at the bar. She made off upstairs. Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) entered the club just in time to see Jack following Gloria.

Fine Tuning

Nikki was amused when Victoria (Amelia Heinle) told her that she grounded Reed (Tristan Lake Lubeau) for using her credit card. Nikki reminded her daughter of all the trouble she caused when she was a teen. Later, Victoria asked Reed to play guitar for her. She was impressed by his talents.

Meanwhile, Victor (Eric Braden) informed Nikki that he’s considering writing his memoirs so he can be in charge of how his life story is told.

 Missing Son

Lauren (Tracey Bregman) confided in Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) about her son, Scott, being messing. She received a call from people holding Scott hostage. They said he had been kidnapped for $10 million in ransom. Lauren had Paul (Doug Davidson) trace the call, and he confirmed that it came from the Middle East. Lauren wanted to pay it, but Paul warned against it. Michael found Lauren crying in Paul’s arms. They informed Michael about the latest, and Michael said he woouldn’t stop his wife if she wanted to give into the kidnappers demands.

Lauren and Michael updated Jill on Scott’s kidnapping. Jill was humiliated to admit she doesn’t have the money for her nephew’s ransom.

They next went to visit Victor and Nikki. Lauren begged for Victor’s help. He agreed, but stipulated he will only hand over the money after seeing proof that Scott’s alive. When the kidnappers called, Lauren demanded a photo of Scott. They hung up on her, and she later received a photo text with Scott holding the current newspaper. Victor and Michael left to meet his associate who was to deliver the ransom money. Michael is shocked to find out that this associate is Kevin (Greg Rikaart).

Meanwhile, Lauren is comforted by Nikki who shares that Victoria was kidnapped after Billy couldn’t pay off a gambling debt, so she know how she feels.


Colin begged Cane (Daniel Goddard) to let him stay over until he gets back on his feet. Lily (Christel Khalil) gave Colin the money to buy back his things from the secondhand store. He went there to do so and found the old music box Katherine left to Jill. He was surprised to find a hidden key inside. Colin learned that the key in the music box was from a safety deposit box.

At the bank, Colin unlocked the box to find an envelope addressed to Jill, along with a diamond and emerald ring. He has the ring appraised. Later, Jill and Esther are confused when a letter addressed to Jill shows up at the mailbox and they see it’s from Katherine. In the letter, Katherine told Jill that Phillip, whom they both vied for years, truly loved Jill.

Congrats, Cane

Cane was thrilled with his promotion to head up the Asia division of Brash & Sassy. Victoria introduced Cane to Juliet, his new assistant, who would be working with him on his business trip to Tokyo.

Daddy’s little Girl

Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) wasn’t thrilled to discover that Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) are going out for a date. The new pair’s dinner was interrupted when Faith called saying something is wrong with her grandmother. Nick raced to the ranch, only to discover that his mom is fine. Nick realized what faith was really up to.

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