GH Fans In For a Treat: Nicholas Bechtel Set to Return

Nicholas Bechtel is set to return to General Hospital soon!

Genie Francis took to Twitter Wednesday to post some exciting news about the return of a talented cast mate–Nicholas Bechtel.

Grandma Knows Best

Genie Francis (Laura Spencer) delighted the hearts of General Hospital fans when she took to social media to let fans know some exciting news.

Her onscreen grandson Nicholas Bechtel (Spencer Cassadine) will be back on the GH set soon.

She mentioned a “big bird” told her this. We’re not sure who that is (Frank Valentini?), but maybe our savvy Soap Cities readers can venture a guess!

Back From Boarding School?

Last we saw Spencer, Laura had gone abroad to escort the cutieĀ to Europe. She enrolled him in a boarding school in there. After Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) came to town, he nearly kidnapped the good-natured, trusting Spencer. Laura had only recently lost Nikolas to Valentin’s bullet, she wasn’t about to take a chance with another person dear to her.

Even if Spencer isn’t back for good from abroad, he’s at least visiting. And it won’t just be his Port Charles family and friends who will be grinning from ear to ear the whole time he’s in town. It’ll be all of us fans too!

No one does a worldly, etiquette-aware little kid like Bechtel, after all. Of course, it will make us want Nikolas back all the more to see Spencer. Those two worked so well together!

We also like the idea of a Laura/Kevin (Jon Lindstrom)/Spencer family. So cute!

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