Lucas Adams Set to Mix It Up In Salem as Tripp Dalton on Days

Lucas Adams as Tripp Dalton on Days of Our Lives/Photo courtesy of IMDb.

Well, they had about five minute of wedded bliss before things got complicated for Steve and Kayla. The latest such complication will be the arrival of Tripp Dalton.

Steve, Meet the Son You Never Got to Know

Days of Our Lives cast actor Lucas Adams as Steve Johnson’s (Stephen Nichols) son with the late Ava Vitali, reported Jason47’s Days Website on its Facebook page. Do we sense a back from the dead Ava situation happening?

Anyway, for now it’s just Steve and Tripp, gettin’ to know each other. Steve’s a good guy, so despite his enmity toward Ava, we’re sure he’ll want to know his “new” son and be a father to him.

Kayla, Meet the Son You Never Wanted

Now, Kayla, on the other hand may be wholly uncomfortable and displeased with Tripp’s arrival. But she too, is a good person. She’ll likely want to be OK with his presence but still struggle with it.

After all, Steve slept with Ava so that she would reveal where she was keeping Kayla prisoner. Even though Steve did it to save her, Kayla couldn’t forgive him for this act for a long time. Tripp will be an unpleasant reminder of that.

Joey, Meet the Brother You…Might Like?

Ok, hold on. Remember how Joey had a thing for Ava? They slept together! And now her son with his dad is coming to town! Whoa! That’s on the complicated side even for a soap opera!

Our Soap Cities guess is Tripp will have a little Ava in him. That means he’ll know how to act like a nice person, even a victim at times, while at the same time being manipulative and cruel. Could he get in the way of Joey and Jade? Be a new love interest for Ciara? What do you think, dear Soap Cities readers?

A Seasoned Actor

Adams has a host of TV and film credits to his name.

Some notable TV appearances are a recurring role on Liv and Maddie, Lou on True Blood, and even a daytime role.

He played Wesley on The Young and the Restless in 2012.

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