GH Star Haley Pullos’ Daring Tweets Tease Her Upcoming Movie


We were rather intrigued by some recent Tweets by “General Hospital” star Haley Pullos. And now Pullos Tweeted the trailer to what looks like it will be a fascinating movie to watch!

A Bold Feminist Statement

Pullos (Molly Lansing Davis) stars in “From Straight A’s to XXX,” the true story of Miriam Weeks. Weeks was a student at Duke University struggling to pay her tuition. She began starring in adult films to earn the money to do so. As this came the attention of her peers, she became the target of vicious bullying, both in person and online.

When she refused to back down, even her straight-and-narrow family shunned her as did the adult film industry, according to the movies description on IMDb.

In her Tweets about the movie, which you can see below, Pullos takes a daring stance about Weeks decision to star in adult films, and we think by extension Pullos’ decision to tell Weeks’ her story. She frames it as a decision women should be free to make with their own bodies, hence one of feminist concern.

The reason this is bold a bold feminist statement is because the work of those in the sex industries is controversial in the world of feminist thinkers and activists. It is more often framed as something women feel they have to get into for various reasons, such as economic disadvantage and a culture that tells them to value their sexual attractiveness over all else. A small minority of “sex-positive” feminists feel it is empowering, let alone frame it as a decision to do what she wants with her body that every woman should be able to make.

We commend Haley for this thoughtful, brave stance and her role in this movie. Regardless of what you’re opinion of Weeks and what she did to get by, it will make you think about all the complex issues involved.

A Confluence of Timely Matters

In the Trump era, when many worry that women’s rights are in danger, “From Straight A’s” looks at the right to make decisions about our own bodies–everyone’s, not just women–when the issue must be a part of the cultural conversation.

Also, sadly, many of us can relate to crushing student debt.

On a lighter note, we have to thank our friends at They made us laugh out loud, literally, when they wrote in an article about this same movie, “And whatever you do, do not Google the movie’s title unless you’re prepared to see a lot of results that have nothing to do with this movie.”

Set Your DVRs!

“From Straight As to XXX” airs February 11th at 7:00 p.m. on Lifetime.

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