Days of Our Lives February Sweeps: Steve and Kayla At Last! But for How Long?


“Days of Our Lives” February sweeps predict the marital reunion we’ve all been waiting for: Steve and Kayla (aka Stayla). But their problems, not perfection, are what make soap couples, especially this one,s so fun to watch.

They Do

“Surrounded by their family and friends, Steve and Kayla make things official with a Valentine’s Day wedding. I think viewers will love it. It’s a trip down memory lane,” Ken Corday, “Days of Our Lives” (Days) Executive Producer told Soap Opera Digest in its latest print issue.

This Salem supercouple reunion has been one heck of a long time coming, and we at Soap Cities will relish it, as we know Stayla’s passionate fans will too. They have a lot to look back on, whether in flashbacks or with the return of figures from their past to mark the special occasion of their nuptials.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

The road to true love and beyond is often rocky, especially for soap couples. Stories are based on complications, and we’re sure this perfect pair has some ahead. Whatever those complications are, these two are eminently watchable. Their well-documented affection for each other off-screen translates so well on-screen. As they face challenges together, they grow together, and it’s beautiful to watch.

We at Soap Cities have a couple predictions for Stayla. Now, a soap wedding never goes off without a hitch–or two. We don’t know what it will be, but we know something will delay Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) from walking down the aisle or Steve (Stephen Nichols) standing at the altar. That’s what will make it so satisfying, and a microcosm of their relationship overall, when they finally do look at each other and say, “I do.”

Vows will be just the beginning. Stayla has Joey to contend with, and his reunion with Ms. Sassypants, Jade, has already caused them stress. When the Stefano search finally ends and Hope returns to Salem, we’re pretty sure it won’t be long before both Steve and Kayla find themselves in the middle of another adventure or two. It will try their love for each other, but that love always prevails in the end. And it will again–but it’ll be great to watch these two face and overcome whatever tests come.

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