General Hospital February Sweeps: Whats Next for Dr. Griffin??


“General Hospital” Co-Head Writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante talked about the character of Dr. Griffin Munro, who has been involved in multiple storylines and chem-tested with different leading ladies of GH.

Griffin Is Meant for Greatness

“Griffin will be pulled into the shocking new development in Anna’s life and will have a major challenge to face with her.  He will also be pulled into the crisis that the hospital faces.”

It is no secret that Griffin (Matt Cohen) was brought on to be a foil for the Nathan/ Maxie (#Naxie) romance.  Remember that hot scene in the staff locker room last year where we had a towel clad Dr. Griffin attending to a helpless Maxie (Kirsten Storms) with a sprained ankle, and another with both him  and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) shirtless..? Anyway, we digress, but…

A Meaty Storyline of His Own

It’s very apparent once Storms had to take leave for personal reasons, the course of Griffin’s storyline changed…We wonder how things would have turned out if Storms didn’t take a leave of absence and Griffin had been paired with Maxie.  Now Griffin is in a throwaway role in the #Friz romance. It’s obvious in this case who the endgame is. So that being said, we ask TPTB at GH to give Griffin a full storyline of his own!  For now, we will be happy to see him helping Anna during her difficult time (whatever that turns out to be) and in the battle to save General Hospital.  That’s what we think!

So, dear readers, what do you think about Griffin playing a supportive role on GH?  Would you prefer he have a major storyline and leading lady of his own?  Who misses the doctor in his shirtless scenes?  We at Soap Cities are not ashamed to say we do!

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  1. I really hope they use Griffin more. Who is his mom? Does Olivia know who his father is? It doesn’t have to be a love interest storyline. Yet. 😉

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