General Hospital February Sweeps: Liv Jerome’s Return!


“General Hospital” Co-Head Writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante spoke about what we can expect for the return of Liv Jerome during February Sweeps!

Liv’s Return

Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) – who is being referred to on-screen as Liv to avoid confusion with Ms. Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) – will stir up big trouble.  “Her real interest in returning to Port Charles has more to do with something beyond revenge against her brother.  She has bigger plans.”  As for Liv and Anna (Finola Hughes) coming face to face again, “You can assume that [they will.]”  But, the writers in the February Sweeps issue of “Soap Opera Digest” noted, “The whole story of bringing Liv back is really about finally arriving at the resolution of what happened to Morgan, and that is going to have major repercussions for Ava, the sister she doesn’t really know.  Ava is not off the hook!  The issue of the pills is still out there, and she has a problem with Lucy she has to resolve.”

It looks like Ava (Maura West) might get what is coming to her as next week’s spoilers in this week’s SOD note that, “Ava reels as she’s accused of a horrible crime.”  While Ava and her brother Julian Jerome (Will deVry) have never had the greatest brother-sister relationship, they do seem to care for one another.  So, how will throwing Liv in the mix alter their family dynamic?

Liv Jerome’s Real Target Is..?

In the meantime, in the February Sweeps Preview edition of “ABC Soaps In Depth,” the writers told us what to expect in addition.

As the residents of PC get closer to discovering Julian’s presumed dead sister Liv is alive, Altman said the audience will discover what the real goals of our “devious diva” are.  “It’s much bigger than just tormenting Julian.  Although she seems to be enjoying that, we’ll see that she’ using him to further a much bigger agenda.  The story will take us in some surprising directions, and it will tie to her past as well as that of several important players on the canvas!”

The cover story of ABC SID indicates Liv Jerome will try to remain one stop ahead as Sonny and Jason try to flush out Morgan’s killer.  Both writers revealed, “there’s some confusion that leads our heroes halfway to the right place, but ultimately it’s the wrong place.  They will discover that there’s definitely a connection to Julian, but they misunderstand the connection!” We at Soap Cities (SC) think Liv might be involved in the plot to take down General Hospital.

So SC readers, do you think Liv will be able to get away with Morgan’s “murder” by exposing Ava first then framing Julian for the actual car bombing.  What do you think?!

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