General Hospital February Sweeps: Laura & Kevin Romance Going Strong!

This fan fave couple will get closer this February on General Hospital.

“General Hospital” Co-Head Writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante talked about what we can expect for the unexpectedly popular couple, Laura & Kevin, aka #Laurin!  It looks like there is a life after Luke & Laura after all!


“They are going strong.  And don’t ever underestimate Laura if she feels that her daughter’s happiness is threatened.  There is nothing she wouldn’t do,” said the writers in the February Sweeps issue of “Soap Opera Digest” (SOD).

And that seems to be true in regards to Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). When asked how Laura (Genie Francis) is managing her anger toward the man who killed her son, Nikolas, here’s what Francis had to say in the latest issue of SOD:   “That’s a difficult one. She is never going to forget that he murdered her son.  Every time she sees him, she wants to scratch his eyes out.”

Think of Laura…

Yes, dear Soap Cities readers and “General Hospital” (GH) fans, we are thinking of Laura just like you. Unfortunately, that is all we are able to dig up on our fave couple!  Let’s hope we see #Laurin during February sweeps since they were mentioned in the SOD article. Other than that one tidbit, SC has been unable to find any other additional info regarding their storyline.  This may mean they will be playing a more supportive role until they get a powerful storyline of their own!  If you find any other additional info we might have missed, please do not hesitate to comment on our post below and give us a shout out!

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