General Hospital February Sweeps: #Lante & Charlotte’s Web

The fight for Charlotte gets more complicated this February on General Hospital.

“General Hospital” Co-Head Writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante talked about what we can expect for #Lante, aka Lulu and Dante, and their fight for Charlotte’s custody.

Lulu/Dante:  “The issue of Charlotte’s custody really gets rolling.  Lulu is willing to go to great lengths to have her child back in her life,” the writers acknowledged in the February Sweeps issue of “Soap Opera Digest.”

Let the Custody Battle Begin!

The writers were brief with SOD, but they did give additional info in the latest issue of “ABC Soaps In Depth.”
While some audience members might believe that Lulu (Emme Rylan) deserves to raise her daughter, Passanante said Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) may very well play a role in the fight over her own custody.  “Valentin has been the only stable presence in Charlotte’s life.”  She added, “Nina’s role should not be underestimated either.  She finally has everything she has wanted for a very long time, and she is ready to fight to keep that!”

Well Soap Cites (SC) readers, do you agree Lulu deserves to raise her daughter?!  While this story seems to have come out of nowhere, many comments we have read shows just the opposite.  The majority of viewers seem to want Lulu to be mother to her own absent son, Rocco (Mason Tannous) before she goes battling for custody for anyone else!  We at SC concur. Lulu is not really fit or ready to be a mother to a fragile girl who needs the stability of the only man she knows as his father.  Also, Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Charlotte seem to be forming a close bond as well.

Do you think Charlotte should be torn from her stability to be raised by #Lante?!

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  1. Absolutely not! It should be joint custody, if anything, right now. Valentin may be a killer (I think Nik is alive and Valentin is helping him), but he has been good for and with Charlotte. Lulu’s heart is in the right place, but her head is not. Nina should stay out of it all, except to be kind and loving to Charlotte while standing by her husband.

  2. Lulu will fight to have her daughter “back” in her life – she was never in her life to begin with. She is selfish, childish and annoying – she didn’t want another child if it came from Dante’s sperm inseminating another woman, she didn’t want a child if she had to adopt it. She doesn’t spend any time with the kid she already has and she id throwing a temper tantrum to get this child, to whom she is nothing but a DNA donor, away from the only stability she has ever known. She should not even get partial custody in my opinion. Charlotte was hurting and Lulu took advantage of the opportunity to hurt her worse by telling her she is her mother, she doesn’t care about the child, only herself. So sick of Lulu, can’t wait until she goes on Maternity leave! Maybe they’ll write her into a coma after being in a car crash so Charlotte won’t have to worry about being stolen or stalked.

  3. This Storyline is very frustrating! It annoys me to see Nina again getting in between another Mother and Child. I hope Lulu at least gets joint custody. Both Valentin and Nina have issues and they shouldn’t be depriving Lulu of her child. Not liking this storyline at all. It’s ridiculous that Nina is all of a sudden some great parental figure. Give me a break!! Give Lulu her kid back. I don’t like the way they’re writing the storyline for Charlotte. I hope Claudette reappears and helps Lulu and escapes Valentins clutches. Rooting for a positive interaction between Lulu and Charlotte. Someone kick Valentin and Nina off their high horse.

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