General Hospital February Sweeps: Anna/Valentin Cat & Mouse Game!

Anna and Valentin’s past gets more sordid this month on “General Hospital.”

“General Hospital” Co-Head Writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante teased us about Anna and Valentin’s continuing cat and mouse game, with a good measure of Nina thrown in!

What Is Up With These Two Anyway?

“Anna will continue her pursuit of Valentin, but a dramatic event will temporarily interrupt her.  This event will affect the other people around her, pulling Valentin a bit toward her.  Nina is going to have to face the challenge of reconciling her husband’s partner with the present, and the future she sees for them,’ said Altman and Passanante in the February Sweeps issue of “Soap Opera Digest” (SOD).  In the February Sweeps issue of “ABC Soaps In Depth,” (SID) Altman explained “because of what happened between them in the past, Valentin has become somewhat fixated on Anna.  Everything they are both recalling is true, but there is so much more to this story!”

Indeed that seems to be the case as spoilers for this coming week indicate Anna (Finola Hughes) will be surprised by new info about Valentin (James Patrick Stuart).  Next week, Anna will suffer a health crisis when her memories become increasingly unsettling.

What We Know So Far

First Valentin stunned Anna when he recited the WSB motto, then she found out he had a picture of her from way back when. So Soap Cities readers, what do you think?  Anna had a flashback of Valentin kissing her when he looked different before the plastic surgery.  While she felt ill from the flashback, Valentin claimed their kiss changed his life.  But in what way?!  Speculation on the internet includes, Anna remembering Valentin raped her to him also being the father of Robin’s baby.  Would TPTB go that far, and how would Nina (Michelle Stafford) handle all this news?!

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