General Hospital February Sweeps: Ticking Nelle Bomb!

The Nelle bombshell is about to be dropped on “General Hospital.”

“General Hospital” Co-Head Writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante teased us about Nelle’s wreaking havoc on #Carson for maximum impact!


“Carly and Sonny have gotten closer.  We know Nelle could be a ticking bomb at the end of this road.  Bobbie is a pretty formidable enemy, especially when she enlists the help of a friend.  Despite her efforts to keep him at bay, Nelle can’t help but get close to Michael,” said the writers in the February Sweeps Edition of “Soap Opera Digest” (SOD)

Nothing More Than Feelings

In ABC Soaps In Depth’s (SID) current issue, the writers went on to say Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier) feelings for Michael (Chad Duell) could prove to be a problem.

“Those feelings stand in direct conflict with her agenda,” according to Altman.  “We will see her consider putting a halt to her plan, but is that even possible?  Worse, Nelle made a major miscalculation in not cozying up to Bobbie right from the beginning.  Because Bobbie is going to get some help in dealing with this interloper from an unexpected place!”

Who do we think it is, you ask, Soap Cities readers? Judging by Friday’s episode, that help may come from Felicia (Kristina Milandro). But then, we can’t help but think we think Bobbie’s (Jaclyn Zeman) old flame, friend, and resident shady lawyer Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner) will be involved somehow too!

A Baby Rattle for “Caroline”

Why is Nelle so attached to that baby rattle that belonged to a “Caroline,” aka Carly’s (Laura Wright) original adopted name?  While we have no idea where this story is going yet, we can tell you in next week’s spoilers from SOD, Sonny (Maurice Benard) will reach his limit with Nelle’s scheming as well!

Maximum Impact

In SOD’s latest “Quick Take” interview with Chloe Lanier, she admitted she now knows what Nelle’s vendetta against Carly is about.  While she is mum on the subject to us viewers, it has made her portrayal easier because she knows what her character’s motivation is!

Most importantly, Lanier admitted by waiting for Sonny and Carly to get closer to drop the bombshell about her and Sonny’s involvement, “Nelle is going for maximum pain.”

What do you think?! Are you looking forward to finding about Nelle’s secret and how it’s gonna devastate lives in Port Charles?!

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