GH Star Steve Burton Shares First-Day-Back Video Message Teaser!

Steve Burton, who plays ??? on General Hospital.

The once and future ABC sudser star Steve Burton recorded a brief but exciting video on his first day back on the set of GH.


Burton stood in front of the GH emergency entrance exterior and said, “Hey, Guys. Steve Burton here…at home,” with a resolute clap of his hands! See the full video below, but first, read on!

He noted he’d just finished taping his first day of scenes back in the Port Charles. It was “amazing,” the daytime star noted, including seeing his old pals from the cast and crew.

“I just have to say,” Burton added, “That this story is going to be so kick-BEEP, that you’re not going to want to miss it.”

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He encouraged fans to tune in.

A Star Stunner

GH and Burton rocked the daytime world when the soap announced he’d be returning to the show that made him a wildly popular soap star. Many GH fans had assumed his Port Charles days were over for good when he suddenly left the show only to resurface on The Young and the Restless.

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We soap fans know to never say never better than anyone, yet this things are still always surprising, right, dear Soap Cities readers?

We still don’t know for certain who Burton will play, and in this day of social media, when it’s so difficult for show runners to keep secrets, we know TPTB at all the daytime serials like to keep us guessing. So, what information we do have, such as a hint from GH EP Frank Valentini, that there may be a Tale of Two Jasons in the show’s near future, is slightly suspect. But then again, maybe it’s not!

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We’ll all just have to, as Burton said, tune in to see!

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  1. Frankly all this firing the good actors seemed to start with Burton and I resent him before his first show back.. We don’t need him. We just need to keep the good ones we have now. I know a lot won’t agree with me but this is how I feel. Just go away and leave the show alone. It was doing just fine with new story lines that were great.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. We needed to keep the ppl we had. We definitely don’t need 2 Jasons. I love Billy Miller as Jason. I don’t want the other one back. Let Steve Burton be the new mob boss in Sonnys place. I never cared much for him from the beginning. Leave Jason (Billy) alone!!!! And bring Hayden & Dillon back!!!!!!

  2. I really don’t like liars. And I feel that is exactly what Burton did to us. I don’t like losing a handful of actors, to (apparently) gain just one. This story has to be spectacular to appease this fan.

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