General Hospital Spoilers, Wednesday, August 2nd: Hayden Gets Tormented

Rebecca Budig as Hayden Barnes in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, August 2nd, foretell that Hayden’s ex-related troubles are far from over.

Where Do “Broken Hearts” Go?

To GH, apparently! That’s where Jared corners poor Hayden (Rebecca Budig) and torments her. He towers over the diminutive Hayden. He says in a creepy way: “I have a broken heart. Can you fix it?” Gross, dude. Why, oh why, did Dr. O (Kathleen Gati) have to bring in this sleaze back into Hayden’s life? Oh, right, because she likes to make people unhappy.

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Cutely Cold Feet

Also at GH, Finn (Michael Easton) and Griffin (Matt Cohen) have so bro talk. These two really seemed to have become close lately, right dear Soap Cities readers?! It’s nice!

Finn says to his doctorly buddy that he doesn’t want to mess anything up when it comes to his engagement to Hayden.

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In a more private setting, Josselyn (Eden McCoy) and Oscar (Garren Stitt) have quite the tender teen romance moment.

Donning a skimpy outfit for outdoor summer fun, Josselyn asks Oscar, “How does it look?” He swallows hard, looking both excited and nervous. Awwwwww!

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Shirtless For No Reason

That’s a soap classic, and we sure do love it. Michael (Chad Duell) is naked from the waist up as he and Nelle (Chloe Lanier) have an intense talk. He points out that the longer it takes to find Sonny (Maurice Benard), the worse his dad’s chances get.

And Back to the Hospital

Jason is in Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) room, when the unexpected happens. Jason looks up at his love, silent and motionless in her hospital bed, and says, “Sam!”

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