OLTL Star James DePaiva Mystery Role on General Hospital Exposed–But Who Is He Really?

James DePaiva as his still-mysterious General Hospital character.

We know James DePaiva is playing a doctor–but Dr. Who?

Breathe In and Out For Me

This is a big deal for OLTL and DePaiva fans. One of our favorite handsome, dashing, sweep-me-off-my-feet Llanview hunks is back on our screens! This time he’s wearing a white coat.

We’ll know the full story, so to speak, this week. But in the meantime, we thought we’d analyze this video to see if we could glean any details about just who DePaiva will play.

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In a teaser video posted to General Hospital‘s official Facebook page, DePaiva is seen only for a split second. It’s amazing how all that DePaiva charm rushes back at us from his Llanview heyday in that one moment! See the full video below.

Tears and Tantalizing Tidbits

Kelly Monaco as Sam continues her moving, even disturbing, job portraying a woman tortured by hallucinations, fearing for her husband’s safety–and fearing she’s losing her mind.

Also: GH Co-Head Writer Jean Passanante recently announced her retirement.

On an examining table, a tearful Sam sits in front of DePaiva in his lab coat, glasses perched on the arch of his nose.

“You OK?” he asks. We almost fan-girl-ed out when we heard his voice, didn’t you, dear Soap Cities readers?

But Is There More

But who is this doctor? Could it be GH classic and legacy character Jeff Webber? A brand new face at GH? Is the role short-lived, as Jennifer Bassey’s seems it may be, or long-term?

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Tell us what you think, readers!

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