BREAKING: First Look at Jennifer Bassey on General Hospital

Jennifer Bassey in a scintillating new role on GH!

Oh, snap! That’s right, our girl, the iconic All My Children star, Jennifer Bassey debuts on General Hospital today, and we have a sneak peek video and some details.

New Look, Same Ol’ Charm

Bassey may have a very sporty, sophisticated hairdo–short and silver fox-y!–but she still has that same scene-stealing quality and that thespian skill!

She plays the book agent Amy (Risa Dorken) is dealing with who wants to publish a book on her fraudulent “Man Landers” column. It’s fraudulent, of course, as GH fans know, because she’s asking Nathan (Ryan Paevey) to be the face of it while she writes it.

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“Is Nathan’s secret out? Will Nathan’s secret ghostwriting duties be exposed to the public? Don’t miss an all new episode of General Hospital weekdays on ABC,” wrote the show on its official Facebook page.

See their full teaser video here! But first read on.

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Caught Red-Handed

Apparently Bassey’s character is not in on this whole Amy/Nathan/”Man Landers farce”. In the video above, she walks in on Amy telling Nathan “this whole charade” will be over soon.

Naturally, she wants to know what “charade” they’re talking about! How will Amy talk her way out of this one? Will Nathan join her in trying to explain it all away?

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We can’t wait to find out and see more of the sparkling daytime gem that is Jennifer Bassey strut her stuff on screen!

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