When You Can Catch Tuesday June 13th Preempted General Hospital

General Hospital was preempted today, but you see today’s episode at another day.

General Hospital was preempted today, as Port Charles fans will know. Here’s when you can catch the episode that would have aired today. Update your DVR settings if necessary.

Hump Day Isn’t All Bad!

Tuesday, June 13th’s, episode of GH will air Wednesday, June 14th. Your DVRs will show Wednesday’s episode as a repeat, even though it won’t be, so you may need to update your DVR settings to record new and repeat episodes.

Thanks to our favorite ABC programming executive, Nathan Varni, for this update, which we have included below for you.

Here’s Varni’s full statement: “To our loyal #GH fans, here’s an update about the episode previously scheduled for Tues June 13: After going over many scenarios and debating our limited options, due to the Jeff Sessions testimony scheduled for Tuesday afternoon 6/13 at 2:30pm EST, we have decided to pull Tuesday’s new episode of General Hospital and push it back a day to Wednesday 6/14. For those in Canada and certain markets not impacted by tomorrow’s Sessions testimony/ABC News coverage, you will see an encore episode of General Hospital. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you’ll understand that we value all fans and want as many of you to see a new episode of #GH as possible. Thank you for your continued support of ABC’s General Hospital. See you on Wednesday for that new episode that we didn’t want you to miss!”

Act to Avoid This In the Future

We at Soap Cities recently reported on why we think preemptions are silly and not worth our soaps, no matter what the news!

You can act now to avoid these in the future, as the Trump era’s dramatics continue.

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  1. I have been watching GH since the first show in 1963, I haven’t missed an episode, when the show is preempted by any thing that can wait until the News shows are on and can report anything important. I don’t think any show should be interrupted and especially when whatever they need to report is on EVERY channel… Love GH

    • I agree totally. That is exactly why we HAVE news channels. Leave us to our peace and let us watch General Hospital. Ridiculous! Now, I can’t watch today Wednesday the 14th, 2017, because it was shown as a repeat! Grr. My only relaxation for the day…. it relaxes me, I get tired of the news all day long!

      • Akbi Khan

        Right, Donna?! I wish you’d seen our article and we’d gotten it out sooner so you could have adjusted your DVR settings. ARG!

  2. I wish they would change the time to 3:.00 “or, 1:00 so we found not constantly loose our show. Just imagine Monday night football or another sporting event getting interrupted like this.ol there would be an uprising” I am sure.

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