GH Co-Headwriter Chris Van Etten Dishes on 2 Jasons and Friz!

Chris Van Etten, General Hospital co-Head Writer/Image: courtesy of Michael Fairman.

Chris Van Etten gets in-depth on what’s to come on the soap with two bombshell storylines going, General Hospital.

Storyline Spectacular!

It goes without saying that GH certainly has been thrilling fans lately with its dynamic storylines. The soap’s recently minted co-head writer Van Etten spoke to our good friend and premier soap journalist Michael Fairman about the exciting changes taking place across the Port Charles landscape. Of course, all of the soap’s current main storylines are keeping fans abuzz and tuned in, be it Julexis, Grava, Michael (Chad Duell) and Nelle (Chloe Lanier) and the whole Valentin/Cassandra/Anna/Finn caper. However, two in particular have really resonated. Those are the sagas of the two Jasons, and “Friz”, a.k.a. Franco (Roger Howarth) and Liz (Rebecca Herbst).

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Van Etten is especially beaming over how the Jason (Steve Burton) and Drew (Billy Miller) saga has played out. “I am so thrilled,” he  said. “I think we have the opportunity, in particular with these two characters and the actors who play them, and their onscreen friends and family, to see a rainbow of emotions on both sides,”

Van Etten lauded Burton’s ability to convey so much with a single look, and Miller’s thespian skill on display tackling the portrayal of so much change for his character in the last couple months.

“Friz” Friction in Store?

It’s been a long romantic road to navigate for Franco and Elizabeth, or “Friz.” as they’ve been affectionately dubbed by fans. Now that they are engaged and looking toward  marriage, will their relationship be in peril due to Franco’s having held back some information crucial to Jason and Drew? Van Etten weighed in with his thoughts.

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“I think Franco will live in fear of what Jason and Drew will hold him into account for, moving forward,” he said. “Franco has something to lose. He loves Elizabeth. I think it’s understandable why he will, in the course of the next couple of months, not opt for full transparency with Elizabeth. There will be repercussions from that.”

GH examine some of “the torture” that motivates Franco in the months ahead.

Rarin’ to Go!

All of the drama on the GH canvas has invigorated, and indeed ignited, the fans’ enthusiasm like nothing before. The excitement is definitely not lost on the scribe. One of the shockers on the immediate horizon involves a key element of the Jason/Drew storyline.

“We are quickly coming  to one of the reveals of who is involved in one of the ‘Jasonings’ of 2017,” he hints. There also looks to be a good mix of intrigue and family bonding up ahead, all of the components that make for good soap story!

“We will see a lot of family togetherness over the holidays, and we will see some dastardly plots begin to take shape, and a lot of romance,” Van Etten said.

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That’s quite a brew there, right, dear Soap Cities readers! One thing’s for sure, and that is that GH is ending 2017 with a proverbial bang and has more in store where that came from!

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