GH Star Finola Hughes on the Anna/Alex Reveal–Vote in Our Poll!

Finola Hughes of General Hospital.

The twin/evil twin/look-alike is a classic storyline on soaps, but there’s never been one like the one Finola Hughes is doing a masterful job of on General Hospital now! Do you agree?

Double Take

Even Hughes costars could sense–but not be told officially–for weeks there was something off about “Anna” (and we did too, didn’t you, dear Soap Cities readers) Hughes told Soap Opera Digest (SOD), the ONLY magazine to cover all four soaps!

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That’s what’s been so phenomenal about Hughes performance. The subtle, nuanced acting she’s been doing, portraying Alexandra Devane Marick, Anna’s not-so-evil, but still wacky, twin. The incrementally different mannerisms, the way she looks at people just a touch unlike Anna, the slightly looser gait. There’s plenty of screaming and crying on soaps, and it too can be an example of excellent acting. But this–this–is truly the thespian art at its best.

Putting Her Heart Into Her Art

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“I could probably have had more fun with it, but it came with a lot of anxiety,” Hughes told SOD of her current twin storyline.

The method actor generation–Marlon Brando, Faye Dunaway, etc.–are said to have lived with a great deal of emotional tumult when committing everything to a role. It sounds like Hughes in some good company, then, right?

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Do you like the Anna/Alex storyline? Do you not like it? Or do you not care much either way? Let us know by casting a vote in our poll below!

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Do you like the Anna/Alex storyline on General Hospital?

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  1. I always was a fan of Finola’s Anna and only watched AMC when she was found alive by Alex. Back then Alex was never intentionally evil and today she was taken away in cuffs. I hope they develop this storyline more and redeem Alex and our positive memory of her from the AMC days.

  2. I think Alex devane did the right thing to have Anna to take care of her self in London then being involved take care of Valentin that what sisters do I think Anna can not see the fact that Alex was trying to help her

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