Dr. Chris’ GH Diagnosis: A Bold Prescription for Dr. Griffin

Matt Cohen, who plays Dr. Griffin Munro on General Hospital.

Hello, again dear Soap Cities readers. It’s Dr. Christine with my General Hospital diagnosis. Dr. Griffin Munro, doctor/priest with a strong moral compass–and looks to boot–should be more than just than a peripheral player.

A Promising Entrance

The introduction of Dr. Munro (Matt Cohen) in early 2016 set hearts aflutter, for sure, as well as the promise of an intriguing storyline. His arrival as the son of the late Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) was a surprise, and also exuded some mystery as we learned Munro was a former priest who cheated with Claudette (Bree Williamson), the ex-wife of Nathan (Ryan Paevey), and had a mother who we only know was a former flame of Duke’s.

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Some Spice, Please!

Okay, now that we have his truncated history, let’s get to the nitty gritty. Griffin has a very interesting background, yet, really, up until now he seems to have functioned as a utility player of sorts on the GH canvas–as a trusted friend to Anna (Finola Hughes); a sounding board for both Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Sonny (Maurice Benard); a brief romantic partner to Claudette after they resumed their dalliance upon her return to Port Charles before her untimely death (though, the way soaps go, reports of her demise could be greatly exaggerated); and finally, a reliable go-to for Hayden (Rebecca Budig) and Finn (Michael Easton) to help advise regarding Finn’s drug dependency and to assure that Hayden and Finn received accurate lab results regarding the drug test.

Now, why not spice him up a bit so we can see more depth to his character? After all, Munro has a good back story, so why not add more layers to him by giving him a strong storyline?

Also: Spinelli–this time played by his originator, Bradford Anderson–is on his way home to PC.

Possible Pairings

Since GH is heavy on characters at the moment, we don’t need a new one on the canvas to catch the eye of Munro. So, for starters, since he is frequently in Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) orbit as a hospital colleague, and a trusted one at that, why not make him a little competition for Franco (Roger Howarth) when it comes to Liz’s affections? (Friz fans, it wouldn’t necessarily mean her running into Munro’s arms for good, but would just serve as a bit of romantic intrigue to shake things up, especially since he’s not Franco’s biggest fan!) Or — and this truly would be opposites attracting personality-wise — have him develop a romantic rapport with gossipy nurse Amy (Risa Dorken), who has her prying eyes on already taken fellows Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) and Nathan. (About the latter — even though his beloved Maxie (Kirsten Storms) is still AWOL in Portland, not specific about when she’ll return, he STILL is a married man for all intents and purposes, something our dear Amy is well aware of!) She could use someone available (hint, girl!) like Griffin who also would be a steadying influence on her busybody nature. This pairing just might pique viewers’ interest and bring out a new, more balanced side of Amy and have Griffin show more of a fun side, though we could never buy him as a gossip. So, no worries about that side of her rubbing off on him.

Family Conflict

What about the rumors that Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and Alex, Anna’s twin (and likely suspect to have currently assumed Anna’s identity while she languishes in a London clinic) have a child together and that child could be Griffin? If that is the case, it really would create an explosive dynamic indeed. The pious and thoughtful Dr. Munro being directly related to the notorious Cassadine clan certainly would be something to watch, to see how the fallout plays out. Especially if he ends up being Anna’s long-lost nephew! Also, this scenario might also bring out a more gutsy side to him, especially if he has to stand up to shady family influences.

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Time to Shine

It’s time to put Griffin front and center–and, not just on the periphery of everyone else’s drama in Port Charles. Keep him as a good guy, but with a more meaty storyline to play as a key character.

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