Days of Our Lives Spoilers, Monday, May 15th: Another Misstep by Miss Jade

Tripp and Jade, in the Days of Our Lives spoilers.

The Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, May 15th, predict that Jade keeps on trying to pull the puppet strings, but she’s just tangling them all up!

Well, I Heard…

Tripp (Lucas Adams) and his new roomie, Jade (Gabrielle Haugh), are chatting, when Jade does something that may not hurt her now, but, mark our words, will eventually come back to bit her in the…Well, anyway, she badmouths Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) to Lucas. A good manipulator is always thinking two steps ahead! Bring your A-game, Jade! Clearly this girl doesn’t watch enough soaps, right, dear Soap Cities readers?

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Meanwhile, Adrienne (Judi Evans) talks up Steve (Stephen Nichols) to Tripp.

I Have a Ms. Abigail DiMera on the Line

While in Greece, the land of gladiators and coliseums, Chad (Billy Flynn) gets upsetting news. Abigail is going to make their separation official by divorcing him. Oy. We were hoping Abigail would see that she and Chad belong together before this got legal. Oh, well. Maybe she’s right, and they’re not meant to be anymore.

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We’re not the only ones who are like, “Huh?” though. Abigail attempts to show Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) the “logic” behind her decision.

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The Big Talk from Big Bro

Steve does what brothers have done for time immemorial, or at least a variation on it. He tells Justin (Wally Kurth) to let Adrienne and Lucas (Bryan Datillo) be happy together.

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