RUMOR ALERT: Days Star James Lastovic Not Set to Renew His Contract

What does the Salem future hold for James Lastovic?

James Lastovic, who plays legacy Days of Our Lives character Joey Johnson, will not be returning to the show, according to an online posting.

A Proud But Incredulous Mom

Lastovic’s mom, Lucienne Lastovic, expressed consternation in a Tweet that has mysteriously gone missing since she originally shared it. Lucienne noted that despite his skill, Days writers have written James off the show, according to

The show has yet to issues an official confirmation or denial regarding this information.

Days has been undergoing some massive changes lately, with the ex-Head Writer Dena Higley‘s firing and Ron Carlivati’s coming on to replace her. The behind-the-scenes turmoil has been evident on-screen, as characters go in and out of being held hostage, longtime actors leave, and stories wind all around.

The odds are good that, along with some eventual stability brought on by a new head writing regime, things are first getting a shake-up. This is especially true given that Carlivati likes to bring on classic show characters to populate his story canvases, which would likely require the letting-go of others characters.

Still, We Wonder

Could Lastovic be on his way out simply to make budgetary allowance for some returning veteran Days actors whose return we have yet to hear about, as we mentioned above?

Is the whole teen Salem set getting a trim?

And how on Earth will the show explain Joey’s absence from the lives of parents who adore him beyond measure. We sure hope it’s not illness or death. Maybe he’ll simply go off to college outside of Salem!

Of course, a recast could be coming up.

Odd Timing

Just today, Lastovic made the list of final nominees for the Daytime Emmy Awards in the Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series category, Soap Cities reported.

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  1. I love the Joey/Jade saga . . . they could easily end up a new super couple. Joey is so good looking and a fabulous actor … I vote to keep him for whatever it’s worth

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