BREAKING: Kirsten Storms Opens About Depression Diagnosis

Kirsten Storms, Maxie Jones on General Hospital. Image courtesy of Instagram.

General Hospital star and fan fave Kirsten Storms responded to a fan on Instagram and spoke of her struggle with depression.

A Serious Condition

Storms responded to a fan who likely asked what has kept her from the General Hospital set for months now, and twice before. See her response below.

Storms responded by saying she struggles with severe clinical depression and that it can be a difficult time in life. You can say that again, Kirsten!

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There’s Always Hope

Storms went on to say that she’s doing better and hopes to return to work soon.

We at Soap Cities are big Kirsten Storms fans. We wish her all the best in getting well, and we can’t wait to see how she mixes it up as the zany Maxie when she returns, can you, dear Soap Cities readers?

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Storms took time off for personal reasons twice before. The first time Jen Lilley replaced her temporarily, the second time Molly Burnett did. This time Maxie’s been off visiting Georgie and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) in Portland. Spinelli’s rumored to be coming back to Port Charles for a visit soon, and we sure hope Maxie joins him.

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  1. I’ve been where Kirsten is and it took me a lot of therapy and Prozac to get me back on my feet. The thing was I had to work and that was okay because at least for a short time each day I had to put my mind on something else other than myself. My depression showed itself as me being the only person I DID NOT want to be with. I found out who my friends were and I cherish my friends each and every day since. I wish her well and hope she gets herself back on her feet.

  2. I’m so sorry Kirsten! I pray you can get through this hard time. You are a beautiful person. I hope the dark clouds lift and you know nothing but happiness. Lots of hugs!

  3. Suffering with chronic depression myself, I can truly understand and sympathize with her. I have my moments that I do not want to be around anyone.

  4. Kristin it will get better take one day at a time girl!!! Chronic depression is a struggle and I know you will get through Kristin, lots love hugs from Marianne in Wilmington Delaware

  5. I’ve missed seeing you on GH so much! I appreciate someone who can admit they suffer from depression…as I do as well. It’s very tough to continue normal every day functioning. People don’t realize it unless they have suffered from it. Hope you’re feeling better! ❤

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