Is Days of Our Lives Recasting the Fan Fave Role of EJ DiMera?

Actor Gabriel Miller may be headed to Days of Our Lives!

Days of Our Lives fans’ tongues are wagging, wondering if the NBC sudser is gearing up to welcome back a beloved character, EJ DiMera–but not as portrayed by the role’s equally beloved originator.

Old Scene, New Actor

Days guru, Jason47, posted to his Facebook page a very intriguing leaked audition video. See it in full below.

It portrays super-hot actor Gabriel Miller performing a scene from 2014 as EJ, having a heated conversation with Chad (Billy Flynn).

The names have been changed, so luckily there are die-hard Days fans with great memories, like Jason47, around!

The wildly popular James Scott played EJ for eight years. He left the show in 2014, much to the chagrin of his legion of fans. They’ve been clamoring for the return of both EJ, a revered legacy character, and Scott too, ever since.

New Regimes, Old Characters

The new head writer at the NBC sudser, Ron Carlivati, is known for bringing old fan favorites back on the story canvases of the shows he writes for. So it would be no surprise if a character like EJ made his way back to Salem. If he comes back, could–yes, you know where we’re going with this–SAMI (ex-Alison Sweeney) BE FAR BEHIND?!?! What do you think, dear Soap Cities readers?

A past character (or more) could add fresh perspective to a show that is struggling to find its footing after lots of behind-the-scenes shake-ups. And a new actor in a role can also bring an unexpected, fabulous take on character a we had to say a grudging goodbye to.

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  1. isn’t he dead…..if so, why recast, can’t some just stay dead for a change….that’s so not the norm…and oh gee, i thought that we were going to have original stories…guess not..

    an original story would be for a character to stay dead now…not come back from it

    sorry to sound so sarcastic, but you know after awhile it just gets boring…and why do we need yet another member of that stupid family..


    • ACTUALLY, he might not be dead, idk if you guys remember but sami never actually got EJs ashes bc stefano injected and stole the body, so that says that he’s probably still alive.

  2. Dora M Salvatore

    No one can play EJ except James Scott. I have been watching Days since it started and I am 63 years old. No way would I expect anyone else to play this character. If James can’t return, EJ should stay dead. Would you replace Bo Brady? I don’t think so – also doesn’t make sense!! This would totally be a mistake!!

  3. The new guy should get a new role. Let the dead stay dead. Get new exciting stories and some happy times back in the show. I hate the Nicole story line. She was so good! Loved when she and Daniel were there. Then they ruined her character. Come on writers don’t ruin the show!

    • for me they ruined her character ages ago, when she first started to sleep with victor, and then EJ, and then Daniel, and then EJ and then daniel and all the back and forth that they were doing iwth her

      and yes, as i said before, do let the dead stay dead

      if they want new characters then ok, bring them on…but….not as a perviously recasted dead person…

      so what will we do if james scott ever wants to come back..pull another roman/john….and all that….


  4. This is one case where I am okay with him coming back from the dead, and where it makes sense. The last we saw of EJ, Kristen snuck into the morgue and stuck him with some kind of needle. Then they dropped the story because James Scott left. Not sure how I feel about a recast, but I can go with it (and yes, at one time, they did recast Bo Brady) if he does a good job. I am not sure I would want to see them recast Sami though. I do find it interesting that this tapes leaks a few months ago after a new blonde teen was added to the cast that many fans expect to be Ali Horton, but if this new blonde is Sidney DiMera.

    • I just saw so many typos when I reread this. Anyway, the news just broke about Alison Sweeney’s return as Sami. So, we have a mystery blonde teen who was hired months ago that many believe to be Ali Horton, we have a video that looks suspiciously like an EJ audition, and now we have the news that Alison Sweeney is coming back. I guess all of these things could be a coincidence, but I highly doubt it.

      • that’s always been my gripe…people take pride in your work…when you post….


        oh no, not another aged kid….

  5. Madeleine Froehlich

    I would love for E.J. to be back, but like others it has to be James Scott. Gabriel Miller is very handsome, so let him be a new character. There is only one E.J. and it must be James Scott. I am 71 and been watching since 1965….I think Julie needs to retire, or maybe be on once a year…at Christmas. Also, Claire is so annoying…please send her off to College where her mom and dad are, anywhere but in Salem….. For once, let Nicole be happy with her baby and I wish it was with Brady, but bet that never happens.

  6. I say yes. He looks good, looks passable as EJ. I vote him in to give him a good shot. It takes time for fans to adjust to new take overs. But after watching Days for 50 years, I’ve seen character switches more than once and it turned out fine. Have to keep a open mind with Soaps.

    • I agree about recasts. Occasionally, they just aren’t the right fit at all, like Charity Rahmer ‘s 15 episode stint as Belle; however, it just takes a little time. I have often found that takes just the right scene for them to take over. I really liked Billy Flynn when he came on as Chad, but it wasn’t until he realized Ben was the Necktie Killer that he started to grow on me. I liked Marci Miller immediately, but she didn’t truly become Abigail to me until she came back to Chad. My most memorable, though, was Martha Madison as Belle. I was just so happy to see Rahmer gone, that I liked Madison immediately. Still, she didn’t fully win me over until Marlena came back from Melaswen. That scene won me over.

  7. I would rather have had Will resurrected – of course, played by Chandler Massey. A resurrected EJ isn’t a bad idea, either, but like others have said here, only James Scott could play EJ. A recast didn’t work with Will and for anyone who watched years ago, recasting Bo was also a disaster. There are some characters that are “owned” by the actors who portrayed them at the time they became beloved by the show’s fans and those I mentioned here are definitely on that list.

    • I agree. The replacement for Will never grew on me. Sooooo happy the real Will is back ☺️.
      The same would be if EJ was replaced by someone else never could I get use to a new EJ

  8. Weeze Chappell

    No one, but no one, can ever replace James Scott as E J. Just like no one can ever replace Arianne Zucker as Nicole. In my opinion – Can’t be done!

    No one can ever replace James Scott as E J. Just like no one will be able to replace Arianne Zucker as Nicole.

  9. I hate to repeat, but no one can ever replace James Scott as EJ. Please please please get him back! Him and Sami had such chemistry. I am thrilled Sami will be coming back hopefully for a long time

  10. Create character and cast. Do not recast for a character. Very disappointing for loyal viewers and takes from original acting career and blood and sweat that took to put into character to bring alive. Don’t disrespect the original actor or disappoint the faithful viewers.

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