Style Star: GH’s Rebecca Budig Favors a Chic Minimalism

Rebecca Budig pretty much rolls out of bed like this. So amazing!

We at Soap Cities totally love Rebecca Budig. Hence, so we were excited to learn about her personal style philosophy.

Low-Maintenance Lovely

Budig is gorgeous. Hence, it’s a good thing she doesn’t favor too much makeup or over-grooming, which could prevent us from seeing her effortless beauty.

She would probably not bother to name her personal style, but we liked it so much, we did. We’ll call it Minimalist Elegance, as told to Soap Opera Digest (SOD) in its March 13th print edition.

Her Hair How-To

On any given day, Budig doesn’t bother to spend hours drying or styling her hair.

“On an average day, I don’t do anything with my hair. I don’t dry it, I don’t curl it. I don’t do anything,” Budig said.

And it still looks great.

Makeup Must Haves

Again, none. SOD asked Budig if there are any brands of maquillage she is a devotee of.

“I don’t really wear makeup, so I don’t feel loyal to anything,” the actress said. She does however regularly use an Armani foundation and concealer.

As far as what you can find in her purse, she had a similarly spare answer: Chap-Stick.

Apparel Answers

And what of designer duds? She’s just not that into them.

“I don’t really shop anymore, but there are a few little boutiques near my house and I’ll go there, if I feel like I need something new” Budig said.

A Hayden hand-me-down she wouldn’t mind donning is a gray, James Perse sweatshirt Hayden wore.

“I love James Perse because it’s comfortable,” Budig noted.

She’s not a big fan of blazers, Hayden’s executive duds of choice. What she’d like to wear more than anything on the show are scrubs! Now this is spareness taken to a whole new, daring–and frankly, charming–level!

Why We Love Budig’s Look

“I like the natural look,” she said. The reason this is excellent is because she looks stunning at all times, AND we can see her inner glow, her sparkling personality, shine through too. We were reminded of this picture (below) from her Instagram that she posted a few months back. Way cute!

Also, in an age when we can alter so many things about our appearance and spend so much time on it, it’s refreshing to learn about a soap celeb who does just the opposite.

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