General Hospital Spoilers, Monday, March 20th: Hope for Carly and Sonny?

Carly has questions in the General Hospital spoiler.

The General Hospital spoilers for Monday, March 20th, predict that Carly makes an attempt at salvaging her marriage.

Strength In What Remains

So goes the title of Tracy Kidder’s moving novel. And let’s hope Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) can find enough strength in what remains between them to continue on as a couple. Carly showed up at Sonny’s door Friday look pretty serious. Monday she tells him she hopes they can figure out what “this” is between them.

Protective Papa

Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) tells Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) at a meal at the Metro Court that he’ll always be there for her. Nina (Michelle Stafford) looks on assuringly. But Valentin is a tricky one, let’s also remember, in addition to a doting father. He catches Lulu (Emme Rylan) off-guard.

End Game

Coming off the heels of her in-court disappointment, Lulu asks her mother a pointed question. As Laura (Genie Francis) looks on with concern, a wide-eyed Lulu asks what her end game is in this battle for full custody of Charlotte? Hmmm. Well, one thing’s for sure. If Luke were around, he’d be doing something underhanded to stick to Valentin and make sure Lulu got Charlotte all too herself.

Anna Over It

Anna (Finola Hughes) gives Andre (Anthony Montgomery) a serious earful. She angrily tells him to stay the hell our of her life. Poor Andre. It seems like he’s always getting yelled at by some angry Port Charles resident.

Someone Hold Bobbie’s Earrings

Bobbie (Jaclyn Zeman) gets physical with Nelle (Chloe Lanier). She asks her how she can live with herself, given what a vindictive…well, you can guess the rest, probably!

The Lovable Threesome

While Tracy (Jane Elliott) tells Hayden (Rebecca Budig) that she has good news for once, Finn makes an important phone call. He tells the person on the other line he’s looking for an immediate opening. It sounds like a rehab-related call to us!

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