Days of Our Lives Recap, March 6th-10th: Baby Drama, Job Offers, and Familial Competition

Nicole, Eric, and Deimos in the Days of Our Lives recap.

By Maureen McKay Taylor

The Days of Our Lives recap for March 6th through 10th recalls that Nicole met a dangerous stranger, while Jennifer tried to help Eric, plus lots more!

Nicole on the Run

The heat was on as Nicole (Arianne Zucker) was on the run with Holly.   In her new hideout, Nicole prayed for some help, but panicked when she heard a soft knock on the door.  A hesitant Nicole opened the door. It was Tiffany, a stranger asking for a clean towel.  Tiffany, it’s called room service!  As Tiffany invited herself into Nicole’s room, guess who ended up putting her trust in a total stranger?  Tiffany offered to pick up some groceries for Nicole and spotted her bankroll. As Nicole showers leaving baby Holly alone in the other room, Tiffany and partner snuck in and stole Nicole’s money and took baby Holly too.  After a relaxing bath, Nicole entered the room only to discover Holly gone.  Don’t mess with a mother scorned! Nicole hurried to rescue baby Holly, taken for the second time.

Back In Salem, More Baby Drama

After leaving the helpless SPD, an upset Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) bumped into Brady (Eric Martsolf) who tried to reason with her on Nicole’s behalf. Chloe accused Brady of possibly being involved in Holly’s kidnapping and being in love with Nicole again.  Brady denied it all. Brady sought Paul’s (Christopher Sean) help in tracking down Nicole and Holly with a phone number he received from Dr. Lee. As Deimos continued his search for Nicole, an unexpected visitor arrived at his door: Chloe.  As the two exchanged harsh words, Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) grabbed Chloe and threatened her. Luckily for Chloe, Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) walked in demanding Deimos let her go. Maggie told Chloe that she drove Nicole to such drastic measures, and Chloe realized she’s on her own.  As the music played at club TBD, a shaken Chloe entered for a drink.  It looked like she had a new ally on her side. Can we say Eduardo (A Martinez)?  Brady tracked down a distraught Nicole, who was so relieved that he was by her side. As the sexual tension arose between them, Brady decided to go on the run with Nicole and baby Holly.  As Nicole and Brady prepared to exit the shady inn, Deimos showed up not a moment too soon for him.

Persisten Jen

Eric (Greg Vaughan) informed Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) that he will not be taking the job at the Horton Center.  Stubborn Jennifer told Eric she was not giving up on him.  At that moment, she received news of Holly’s kidnapping and Nicole’s involvement.  As she updated a stunned Eric on the Nicole/Chloe saga, he blamed himself for ruining lives.  Jennifer explained that driving drunk was wrong, but what happened that day was an accident and he must stop harboring all this guilt.  In other words, get over it!  She believes in him, so move on. It’s time to go home and be around family, she argued.  Eric says no to family and no to her.

Heartsick Ciara

A brave Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) came clean about her feelings for Theo (Kyler Pettis) to Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso).  Their advice could only cause Ciara more trouble with Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan), as a desperate Claire will use that information to get closer to Theo.

A Long-Lost Grandson

David’s son, Eli (Lamon Archey) showed up for his memorial service. Valerie (Vanessa Williams) was in a state of shock.

Code Blue, Kidney Gone Bad

Jade (Gabrielle Haugh) agreed to the kidney transplant for her dad. The surgery was a success, but then something went wrong.  What a waste of a good kidney!  Mr. Michaels (Real Andrews) got the bad news from Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) that he needs another transplant or he will die, due to a blood clot that developed from complications due to the surgery.  A terrified and angry Mr. Michaels tells Kayla that he knows she botched the surgery, and that she and her one-eyed husband wanted him to die. He knew there was no way to get another kidney in time, so decided to hold Kayla hostage with a deadly syringe.  Steve (Stephen Nichols) to the rescue again!
A Tip about Tripp
Steve got news that his son with Ava was still alive and looking for his parents.  Steve needed to come clean with Kayla, but first, he had to save her from the grips of Mr. Michaels.

Let’s Dance!

Puppy Eyes, our nickname for Dario (Jordi Vilasuso), is crushing hard on Abby (Marci Miller). Dario helped Abby learn to dance for the Salem High Sports Program charity event. Temperatures rose as Dario saved Abby from falling off a couch, but wouldn’t let her go as he stared into her eyes.  Really Abby, can’t you see he’s got it bad for you?  Once she was standing on her own and prepared for the event, she told Dario to make sure he brought a date, but he claimed he needed dancing lessons himself first.  Of course, Abby agreed to help.  Come on Abby, Dario can dance.  Dario and Gabi (Camila Banus) discussed their feelings over ice cream and he told her of his plan for dance instructor Abby.

Chad and Gabi

Chad (Billy Flynn) needed help from Gabi with the stolen artifacts from Deimos.  Gabi told Chad they must stop meeting like this and move on because the feelings between them were still strong.  He assured her that Abby knew they were meeting to work on a plan to bring Deimos down.  Gabby agreed to help.  Andre (Thaao English) wasn’t pleased about Gabi’s involvement with the plan and tried to give Chad marital advice.  Watch out Marlena, there might be a new therapist in the wings!  Chad got Deimos’ middleman to join his team with the help of belly dancers undercover, Abby and Gabi.  Who knew they would be experts after their first lesson!

Not On My Watch

As the new Commissioner took over, he tells Detectives Lani  (Sal Stowers) and JJ (Casey Moss) there will be no fraternizing on his watch.  Commissioner Roman (Josh Taylor) was weak, but the new commish said he isn’t.  JJ saw an upset Gabi in the town square and thought it was all about him, as a jealous Lani lurked in the background.

Head of the Family

Sonny (Freddie Smith) plots to be the new head of the Kiriakis family.  Will he go to any lengths to make this happen..?

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