Days Arianne Zucker Explains Nicole’s Desperate Moves Next Week

Arianne Zucker has some insight into Nicole’s fragile state of mind next week on Days.

Fans of Nicole Walker on Days of Our Lives watched in disbelief this week as the judge granted custody of Holly to Chloe. Nicole isn’t going to just sit back and take it. To top it all off, she and Eric may cross paths soon. Arianne Zucker, Nicole’s portrayer, explains.

A Court Out of Order

Save for Holly, members of Team Chloe, and the judge in Holly’s custody trial, it’s safe to say most fans of Days of Our Lives were stunned speechless when the judge awarded custody of the infant to Nicole.

We watched in anguish as Nicole was so beside her self with despair, Justin (Wally Kurth) had to physically restrain her. She lost the baby she always wanted who was fathered by the love of her life, Daniel Jonas.

It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over–And Maybe Not Even Then

Next Wednesday, Nicole will kidnap Holly and go on the run with her, reported Michael Logan in TV Guide’s latest print issue.

Logan asked Zucker what Nicole is thinking as she does this. Zucker responded that Nicole may be reacting from a more primal, visceral place.

“All she knows is that this is the moment, and she’s seizing it. I don’t think there’s any mother who watches this show who wouldn’t understand why Nicole is doing this,” Zucker said.

Daniel Lingers

Nicole may have seemed to move on with Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) and all that’s happened in her life since Daniel’s tragic death. But that’s not totally true.

“The grief she feels over Daniel–who brought her the only true happiness she’s had in years–is unimaginable. She just can’t let it go,” Zucker said.

Seeing Eric (Greg Vaughan), which will inevitably happen as he reintegrates into Salem life, may not go well, Zucker hinted.

“I think she really would kill Eric if she got the chance,” the actress said. Whoa. Let’s hope she doesn’t get that chance then!

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  1. Sorry to see her go. Wanted to see her and Eric have happy ending with Holly. Let’s hope the writers don’t make it such a sad exit like Sami had after EJ died. Give Nicole something happy.

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