EXCLUSIVE: Bryan Craig Would Love to Come Back to GH!



Soap Cities exclusively learned actor Bryan Craig, who played Sonny and Carly’s son Morgan Corinthos on General Hospital, wants to come back to the show that earned him a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series.  Craig made his pronouncement at the GH Fantasy Weekend at West Palm Beach on Saturday.

Bryan Craig, who was received warmly by his fans and fellow actors on the Improv Stage in WPB, said he “would love to come back” to General Hospital.  Bryan Craig received a big ovation in the audience for his startling pronouncement!  He added if asked, he would come back.  “It’s a scheduling thing,” he noted.  It’s also “a story thing.”  His return would also depend on what the writers wanted and if there would be a “reason to bring him back.”  Robert Palmer Watkins,  who acted as emcee at the event and plays Dillon Quartermaine on General Hospital, observed that “they did not find a body.”

In true soap fashion, Bryan Craig’s (aka Morgan) body was never found after a car explosion meant for Julian Jerome threw Morgan over the cliff.  His TV mom, played by Laura Wright (Carly) was definitely open to her son Morgan’s return as well.  When asked whom he thought had killed him, Bryan Craig pointed the finger at Will DeVry (who plays Julian Jerome) and the audience laughed.

Bryan Craig was also lauded on stage for bringing attention to bipolar disease and raising awareness for mental health in his portrayal of Morgan, which landed him with a Daytime Emmy as noted above.  Bryan Craig noted the storyline “was exhausting” for him because in order to play the storyline he had to get his head into “that place,” even if he was in a good mood.  In other words, the storyline took a toll on the actor, and it was hard to separate the role when Bryan Craig would finish acting for the day.

When told by one fan how much his portrayal of Morgan’s bipolar storyline meant to him, the actor thanked the fan and took the time to ask how the fan was doing.   It just goes to show how soap actors do care about the well-being of their fans!

When it came to Bryan Craig’s personal life, Laura Wright came to his aid when one nosey fan asked when he was getting married.  He replied, “I don’t know,” while Wright said “it was no one’s business!”  We at Soap Cities totally agree it’s no one’s business but his own!

What do you think General Hospital fans?!  Would you like to see Bryan Craig return to GH as Morgan Corinthos?!  We sure would!

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  1. It would be great to have him back. The show lost a lot when they lost him. Perhaps Olivia Jerome has him stashed away because she’s gonna use him to try to take over Sonny’s territory!

  2. Yes of course we want him back. I thought when he left, he said it was for good? Now let’s prey, that Carly and Sonny, get their youngest son back, asap

  3. Stay away! You were too “BIG” to stay with the show that gave you credibility, so why should that take you back? Move on kid, you are not needed anymore!!!

  4. I want Bryan Craig back. he’s a super Actor. I also would like him and Kiki back. or get him with another girl so Kiki would get jealous. give him a Role where he controls his Biopolar and a different storyline now. maybe tat why he got bored. please please let them find out what Ava did. to him. so Carly and brutally kick her ass.

  5. I would love for him to come back and for them to find out that he acted the way he did because of Avs switching his meds. And I’d like him and Kiki to get back together.

  6. Im WAITING for MORGAN. To return…IT will.be great for sonny and carley to have there son back. Such heartache to lose your child. What a happy reunion it will be…and kiki will fall in love with morgan agsin…ava will also accept him For her daughter, Ava”s guilt will disperse to be a better person..
    what a new storyline, .bring back.morgan. im waiting…as his body was never found…

  7. I would love to see Morgan come back. Was disappointed when Ava was dreaming he was back. Thought it was real at first.

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