B&B Star Patrika Darbo on How Shirley Spectra Came to Be

Patrika Darbo as B&B’s Shirley Spectra. Image courtesy of TV Soap.


Patrika Darbo, part of the genius addition to Bold and the Beautiful that is the new generation of Spectras, talked about taking on the part of Shirley Spectra.

A Link to Sally 1.0

Darbo has been advocating for a role on Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) for a while, she told Michael Logan of tvinsider. She and Darlene Conley (ex-Sally Spectra) would joke about how Sally had a sister, but they imagined her to be named “Savannah.” Now she’s Shirley, and she’s actually on our screens!

“I just love Shirley. She’s the kind of gal who’d probably hide a gun in her boobs. Just in case,” Darbo said in an interview in which she proves that even in a normal conversation, she comes up with such gems, just as she does in her acting.

An Open Road, Headed to Fabulousness

The actors involved in the Spectra resurrection have been given guidelines but not strict rules about how to play their roles, Darbo noted. This is probably because B&B Executive Producer and Head Writer Brad Bell knows that whatever he gives them, especially Darbo, they’ll be off and running to a wonderful place in soap opera story-ville.

“Brad basically said, ‘I want to bring on Sally’s sister’ and I was there! That was enough for me,” Darbo said.

Well, we’re right there with you, Patrika!

A Coiffure to Remember

Darbo had some insight into the trademark big, red Spectra hair. Though it’s not quite at the height and width of Darlene Conley’s just yet, there’s hope.

“Honey, I’m from the South. I can take a rattail comb and pouf this thing all the way up to heaven. You know what they say: the bigger the hair, the closer to God!” Does this woman ever say anything that isn’t eloquent and clever?

But Darbo isn’t just an amazing thespian. She’s also wise and endearingly humble.

“I feel very blessed that people in the daytime world do not judge this book by its cover. They open it up and they read it!”

This is one book B&B fans will be re-reading for a long time to come. Hooray!

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