Bold and the Beautiful Recap, February 20th-24th: Quidge Continues, Spectra Fashions Struggles

Quinn tries to explain things to Ivy in the Bold and the Beautiful recap.

By Joann Hernandez Skutches

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for February 20th-24th tells of more edge-of-your-soapy-seat drama. Read on for details!

Ridge has doubts about getting remarried and works to convince Ivy to keep her mouth shut. Quinn does damage control.

Bill wants dirt on Ridge. Bill orders Jarrett to squash Sally Spectra’s dreams.

Thomas and the Spectra gang react to Jarrett’s review. Shirley Spectra wants to play dirty.

Steffy reacts to the Spectra review too., Brooke discusses wedding plans with RJ, and Sally’s sister arrives.

Forrester Mansion

Quinn (Rena Sofer) is dismayed to find Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) waiting to speak to Eric (John McCook) downstairs.

Ivy talks to Quinn about her betrayal. She saw her with Ridge, and they weren’t just talking. Quinn has only ever been guided by her own impulses, she says.

Quinn questions if Ivy is trying to redeem herself for the way she treated Wyatt (Darin Brooks) by calling her out on what she sees as a betrayal.

Forrester Creations

In the CEO office, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) enters, dressed in a robe, and unveils her new lingerie. Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) says Bill (Don Diamont) is an idiot, but may be right about one thing. “Have I ever done right by you?” he asks, echoing Bill’s doubts of him.

Brooke wonders if there’s something he wants to tell her. Ridge speaks cryptically about people who want to take happiness and tear it to the ground. “Quinn is one of those people. So am I.” Brooke isn’t concerned if he said some things to Quinn. He didn’t break any promises, she notes.

In the corridor, Brooke encounters Ivy as Ridge takes a call from Quinn, who informs him Ivy saw them last night.

Ridge looks tense as Ivy tells Brooke there are some things she needs to know before she starts making wedding plans.

Ivy toys with Ridge by offering to give them advice if they are considering getting married in Australia.

Ivy says Ridge didn’t look committed to Brooke while kissing Quinn.

Ridge works to convince her it didn’t mean anything  and asks if she want sto be the one to break up the family? Ivy will keep mum but is watching them.

Elsewhere, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) remarks on Thomas’ (Pierson Fode) design, but he’s still disgruntled. Pam (Alley Mills) enters with the video of Steffy slamming Sally’s face into the cake. Thomas says it was a publicity stunt and does not make them enemies.

Steffy tries to be conciliatory, but Thomas tells her if she doesn’t like his designs, then don’t use them, and leaves. Steffy understands Thomas hates her being his boss. She assures him being his sister will always be most important to her.

Talk turns to it how it’s a big day for Thomas’ favorite redhead. Steffy’s sure it will be a hot mess. They debate about whether Sally (Courtney Hope) will achieve any success.

Thomas argues that Sally’s dedicated, and Steffy muses that’s no good if there’s no talent to back it up.

Steffy laughs at the idea that Sally could become competition and argues the point that Sally is just like her aunt, given the stunts she’s already pulled.

At Spencer Publications

Bill spends his business meeting with Wyatt and Liam (Scott Clifton) fishing for dirt on Ridge from the Forrester wedding. Bill comments that people likely think Brooke and “the dressmaker” will be next to get married–he isn’t one of those people. Bill questions Liam about Ridge and Quinn’s behavior. Liam admits he saw Ridge ‘not scowl’ at her. Bill muses about their sudden friendliness. Wyatt reminds them Quinn backed him to become CEO. Bill muses,“See what I mean about Forrester? Whatever way the wind blows.” He dismisses his sons, who protest they got nothing done. Bill talks about the reality that Brooke will be part of their family.

Later, Jarrett (Andrew Collins) tells Bill the press was invited to Spectra Fashions’ preview but no one is going. Bill chants, “You’re going, Jarrett.” Bill explains that he wants that building. “And you’re going to help me get it.” He wants Sally to be so embarrassed that she’ll throw in the towel. Jarrett protests that he’s a journalist, not a saboteur. Bill replies that the pen is mightier than the sword, and Jarrett will do as he pays him to do. He opens the invitation on Jarrett’s phone and changes the RSVP to attending.

Bill reiterates to Jarrett that he’s to sink Spectra Fashions by giving them the worst review. Bill doesn’t care what he thinks; tomorrow, Spectra Fashions is going to be wiped off the map! Jarrett resists attending the Spectra preview.

Bill restates his mission is to squash Sally Spectra’s dreams. Bill explains that he’s off to the Spectra Fashions preview. Bill muses that he likes the events with caviar and champagne, but he wouldn’t let his mood affect his job.

Katie (Heather Tom) speculates that maybe Jarrett will like the line.

After Spectra Fashion Show

Jarrett is surprised that the preview wasn’t that terrible. Sally’s designs were interesting, he notes. Bill won’t have him write an honest, fair review, it must be brutal and career-ending. “We are putting Spectra out of business.”

Spectra Fashions

Sally, Saul (Alex Wyse), and Darlita (Danube Hermosillo) rehash the cake incident with Steffy. Sally raves about the free publicity for their line.

Sally just wants to give them a peek & announces they’ll have the preview right there in the office. Darlita reports that no one is coming – even Saul RSVP-ed as a ‘maybe’. Saul swallows hard–he’s getting his shoes polished that day.

The loan guy phones and Sally assures him the money will soon be pouring in.

She disconnects and tells her staff they need press now.

She reports that Jarrett Maxwell is coming to their show! They start dancing & singing, “He’s coming to the show!” Spectra Fashions, Sally, in a leopard print dress, hugs Shirley in anticipation of their preview. Sally is certain everyone is going to take notice, including Queen Steffy.

As the models get ready, Sally gives her team a pep talk.

Jarrett arrives, where Sally fawns over him–her aunt said he was the best of the best. Sally introduces him to her team and says the exclusive preview will be held in the office so as to be “up close and personal.”

When the models are ready, Sally has Darlita cue the music, and the show begins with a bold red gown followed by two other quirky designs and a bright yellow showstopper.

Jarrett pronounces the designs unique in a good way. Sally hopes to see that opinion reflected in his review. Jarrett sighs deeply as she tells him they need a push from someone as esteemed as he is in the industry. Sally looks perturbed, but delivers another pep talk.

The Next Day…

Spencer Publications

Jarrett enters Bill’s office, asks for him to hear him out–he needs to be true to himself. Bill mocks him for not having the stomach to do the job, and says he (Bill) did so for him (Jarrett). Bill threatens to replace him; he wants Sally Spectra and her merry band of buffoons out of business.

Next, Bill has a meeting with Mr. Shifter, with whom Sally has a loan. Bill informs him that Sally will come to him for another loan, but he’s to turn her down–Bill will make it worth his while.

The review Bill wrote will be out soon, but Jarrett is upset about it. Bill insists he’ll get over it when he receives his bonus. Jarrett appeals to Bill to retract his scathing takedown while there is still time. Bill argues he built his empire by doing what needs to be done.

Sometime later, the review hits Jarrett’s website. Bill predicts Spectra Fashions is about to implode.

Spectra Fashions

Sally thanks her team for their effort and dedication. She reiterates that Jarrett’s review could make or break them.

Thomas arrives with flowers for Sally and asks how it went. Sally confidently says they will leave Forrester in the dust. The team clears out, leaving Thomas and Sally alone. They discuss Jarrett’s impending review. Sally admits everything is riding on it.

Elsewhere, Shirley, Darlita, and Saul discuss the way Thomas looks at Sally. Saul declares it’s unseemly, Darlita gushes that he looks at her likes she’s the best thing he’s ever seen.

Back in the office, Thomas tells Sally to take a breath. She explains everything she is carrying on her shoulders. “This is my legacy; these are my people.” Thomas says he likes her and enthuses that any minute now he expects she’ll get a glowing review from Jarrett. The others are nervous as they await the review.

Thomas opens up to Sally about being passed over for the CEO position at Forrester Creations, but then apologizes; this is her day.

Sally’s team rushes into the office–the review is up! Sally begins reading it aloud. It calls her line a joke, an abomination, and urges Sally to go back to where she came from.

Dejected, she wonders how Jarrett could say all those horrible things. The others chime in as Sally announces it wasn’t meant to be. Thomas looks on intently as Sally chokes up and says, “Spectra Fashions is dead.”

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