OLTL Star Robin Strasser Declares Triumph Over Illness


“One Life to Live” (OLTL) fan fave Robin Strasser took to social media to make a bold pronouncement about her recovery from an addiction.

A Difficult Battle With a Happy Ending

Reports surfaced last week that Strasser had pneumonia. Strasser Tweeted a denial and revealed another fact about her health, according to Soap Central.

Strasser had back surgery several years ago. Her online missives indicate she became addicted to the painkillers she used during her recovery from that procedure. Scroll down to see all her Twitter messages.

The legendary actress said she later had a second surgical procedure on her back. She decided not to come back to OLTL until she fully recovered from that. She feared rushing a return could jeopardize her sobriety. Her refusal to come back sooner, she says, led to executive producer Frank Valentini letting her go from the ABC sudser. But after overcoming her dependence on prescription pain meds, she simply couldn’t jeopardize the sobriety she had worked so hard to achieve.

A Service to Us All

Strasser’s openness about her addiction and recovery can only serve to de-stigmatize the devastating disease of addiction. We at Soap Cities say kudos to Strasser for her willingness to be honest and forthcoming regarding her victory over an disease that costs so many people their lives.

A Soap Opera Legend

During her long career in show business, Strasser has appeared on “Another World,” “All My Children,” “Passions,” “Knots Landing,” and, of course, OLTL. She played the wonderfully soapy Dorian Lord on OLTL, entertaining fans with Dorian’s over-the-top storylines for a total of 19 years. She won an Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of Llanview’s most fabulous doctor.

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